lets see some burnout pics!

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  1. I hate the preachy crap.
  2. You're not alone. If they'd save the sermons for church and we'll all be happy :D But remember Gp's advice and keep a low profile. No sense in waking up the rest home and agitating the choir.
  3. Zoo can attest to my lengthy battles on subjects of "spirited" driving. Take my advice, lay low unless you like online battles ;)

  4. :lol: :lol: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :lol: :lol:
  5. Here's the deal. When you're young, you're more aggressive behind the wheel and want a tire smoking torque mechine, but when you get old you get tired of it and all the work that comes with having a street mechine, so you make a nice, confotable, stock daily driver. I'm young, so of course I try to get as much power out of my engine as I can, and smoke them whenever I get the urge. When I grow old and more mature, I'll have a nice stock as a rock Mustang. Some people might have also gone through experinces in there lives which make them look down upon these actions. Just my .02

  6. true to an extent...like any generalization theres exceptions, my family would be one: my dad got beaten by a mercedes the other day, so now hes ticked...wants to add a supercharger or at least ram air now hehe...hes awesome. and, im the one whose dream car is a '58 cadillac...or at least a convertible cruiser...
  7. don't have any of my 66, since it hasn't been running in a few years :D

    but heres a movie of my 96.. BTW: that was my FIRST time to power brake a manual. My 66 had enough power back in the day it served no purpose too :D plus I was to broke for new tires :D


    Here is some of my truck after doing the new motor, and 1 day before my new mud tires :D



    nice marks for a truck huh ;)
    I only used the brake for like 4ft of those marks ;)
  9. i am neither young nor old, i'm right in the middle. but if i could play devil's advocate here for a moment...6stang7, if you are young, how do you presume to know what an oldie likes or wants? i can see it working the other way around... i believe i will always appreciate a good burnout, we'll just have to wait and see!
  10. Anyone here ever do this? When I was about 17 my parents bought a new Honda civic, It was a fun car to drive, but the most fun was to get it going in reverse as fast as it would go, then push in the chutch, shift to first while it's still rolling. then wind it up, side-step the clutch, and it would spin very cool "J's" everytime! Of course, it's very hard on pretty much every single part on the car, but I was young and stupid...
  11. when i was young, we used to go to the highschool parking lot at night, put the car in reverse, back up to about 10-15 mph, spin the wheel, slam on the brakes, throw it into first and smoke 'em after doing a 180. one night at a local mall, i saw a guy in a small ford pick-up (new looking at the time) attempting this stunt, he rolled his truck in the spin. the cops came, the helicopter to take him to shock trauma (his arm got crushed during the roll), he definetly did not look cool at that moment.

    but it was fun when that didn't happen.
  12. :rlaugh:

    Had a 77 f150 with a 302 that could cook the tire. Drive shaft fell out for some reason. :shrug:
  13. gbm, is that your cul-de-sac? the neighbors must love you :D
  14. haha, there was a post he made earlier this year on that. a true gbm classic. :nice: :rlaugh:

  15. This is what my dad told me, and it makes sense. It's basically that they have just grown out of it...for the most part. Every gear head loves to smoke 'em now and then...it's just that they know that there's a time and place for it. :nice: I'm 18 and even though I understand this, I dont' practice it. :shrug:

  16. Route666 yeah u r right it's gonna have 2 superchargers, i think they ran an article in "Street Machines" about 2 months ago on his progress with it. Not sure what superchargers his using but i know it's gonna have a hemi in it.

  17. ya it was a pretty good thread, i did a search but i couldnt find it....

    the title was something like "the cops are coming im off to jail boys"

    theres some more pics there aswell..

  18. I thought I'd "stoke the fire" (no pun intended, no, really!) Here's some more flaming stang.

  19. Well it is not my classic but this summer I needed new tires on my '97, the BFGs were bald. So I drove over the Discount Tire and did this in the back lot:
    Edbert's 1st burnout video
    This was technically private property and I was told by an anonymous Discount Tire employee where to do it. It was the first time I ever mistreated my Cobra, and I readilly admit I did a poor job of modulating the brake (remember this was the first time I did that). Just when they started lighting up good I chickened out. Being almost 40 years old I guess the responsible father in me sorta took over and I let off of it. I could have kept it going indefinitely had I wanted to but those tires were in such bad shape I was afraid they might come off. I was sort of wondering if they'd even bake since they were 3+ years old and VERY brittle from so many heat cycles and all.

    I rounded the bend and pulled into the lot. Smoke was still coming out of the windows and when I went in I reeked of burnt rubber :D