Lets see some Pic's of your V-6 Mustang

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  1. If I had more money I would mod my old F150. But I'm too busy planting money in my Mustang. If you like what you got and want to play with it, go to town. Mod everything. Make it your own.

    I've tried to mod every car I have ever owned except my truck. None until the Mustang ever showed any improvements in performance but I had a better understanding of what I was doing by the time I got my Mustang.

    Stangs are meant for modding, unless you got some fancy special edition, super rare, collectible, Barrett Jackson, investment car. Those aren't really cars anymore anyway. Those are some rich guys garage ornament which doesn't ever see the road.
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  2. ive heard that too, do you know what all companies make kits for the 99-04 v6's? The only one i've found is TMA turbo just looking for other options
  3. Any cars responds well to FI.

    The 3.8 V6 is Ford econobox motor. Bare essentials only. The same motor in the V6 mustang is also used in Fords Van line. Hell, old Ford Windstar minivans got the exact same motors. Performance was NOT a goal when Ford designed these motors, hence why they're in mini vans and whatnot. Even with FI these motors usually don't break the 300whp mark.

    As far s your Civic reference....as much as I HATE Honda and all their :poo:boxes, the newer SI models will run away from stock-lightly modded V6 3.8 Mustangs. The 3.8's make a little more power but are outweighed significantly.

    Those 4cyl civics may not be performance-orientated in general but they are more performance-orientated than the lucklaster 38 V6 Ford.
  4. The short answer as to "why" we modify our V-6 Mustangs is "because that is what we have" it is that simple.
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  5. Exactly Bullitt. If I had the choice to get a V8 mustang I would and then modify that but I don't have the ability to go out and buy a new car which leaves me with my V6 5 speed which I have no problem modifying and painting and plus I'm not modifying my car to drag race I'm doing it because I can
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  6. When I was referring of course to the civics I had in mind the 1990-2005 crap boxes that I see commonly with a big exhaust and faded tint. The new ones are better yes and they have finally added a sporty model. Its just like how Ford finally got their :poo: together and starts making the V6 Mustang sporty. Of course I bet you they will use the 3.7L for as long as they can without major hp changes just like the 3.8's and 4.0's they used... Yes I understand the 3.8 and the 4.6 was a one size fits all for Fords cars in the late 90's and to some extent late 2000's where performance was not important but versatility in producing cars and saving on costs. But isn't that the the point of modifying or being a car enthusiast? To build something to be faster than what everyone believes possible or change some punks minds when you lay the hammer down and watch their faces change from their "new" sports car in your rearview mirror?... Im getting tired of all these "car enthusiasts" that talk down on modifying anything that isnt a V8 or performance oriented, yet they never turn a wrench and pay somebody to modify or build their car... *this is not directed to anyone here just a vent*

    Also yes I realize I talk crap about the Civics and then seem hypocritical when I say its good to modify a car, reason is I just hate the crowd that is usually associated with those cars... The same could be said for any car but that's just my opinion on those cars. Now if it is fast and the owner is cool I will respect it, the guy took something and made it fast and therefore its cool.
  7. You're absolutely correct.

    It's just my opinion. Im not saying that people shouldn't mod V6's or cars like it, Im just saying that I wouldn't. The return on investment is next to nill. Modify them appearance or suspension-wise, sure. But mod them to go faster? It's just a waste of money......and I like my money :shrug:
  8. I would mod the hell out a lawnmower if it will make it better.
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  9. 04 v6 comp orange

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  10. Just put smoked out headlights on. Will post picture tomorrow

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  11. This is the same base engine that Ford Supercharged in the Thunderbird Super Coupe, that engine stock made about 225 HP and over 350 lb/ft torque. It also responded well to further modifications. There is nothing wrong with the 3.8. The main reason they had problems is from lack of being maintained and abuse. My 01' has over 152K original miles on it and still running strong. The heads have never been off of the car. Hell the V/C have never been off!. Not even one hint of an oil leak. I have zero complaints.
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  12. as a cobra owner I do not understand why anyone would mod a boring azz GT... at least get a mach or a bullittt...

    See what I did there?

    What really makes me puzzled is young men running up credit cards to mod theircar when they do not even own a house yet... of course no one here does that lol...

    I agree the 3.8 is a great and under appreciated engine.

    Also ALL mods are a "waste" of money don't matter what motor ya got.
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  13. I agree, the only reason I'm able to mod my car only if a car part fails or starts to. That's my justification, as far as I'm concerned. Wanted Nitrous to cool the engine;I saw a bottle fail and said nope.
  14. Mods are fun if you like wrenching. I encourage anybody to do what they want with their car. It may be throwing noney down a hole but if that's what you got then go for it. Be cautious though, there is a point where you may regret your efforts. If you throw the cash into a turbo build and 3 months later the the engine blows apart, you will feel a pain in your gut similar to taking baseball bat to the grapes.

    I understand both sides of this argument. I tried to make a 88 Formula Firebird with a 305 "fast". It did not work. You want to learn how stuff works and make your particular vehicle, get in there and get to it. But as I stated before, be cautious take an honest inventory of what you have, what you want to have, and what your plan will be if/when things go wrong or regret may rain down on you. If your build is half the cost of a new vehicle that would meet your goals in stock form, take that into consideration.

    @Kilgore...Do you have a deep seated hatred of hot rodding, a contempt for vehicles of lower status than Cobras (I saw what you did there, sidenote: guys with Ferraris laugh at all of us squabbling for more power) or are you a real estate agent? You really push the "don't waste money on cars and buy a house" thing a lot. No disrespect, seriously, just curious. I understand your valid stance on such things but on a site that's built around and sponsored by modifying Mustangs, you seem pretty contrary.
  15. I do not care about your opinion of my opinion and clearly yo do not understand what I was even saying and I am not going to explain it.
  16. Dang...thought I knew. Now I'll never know. Knowing that is sad.
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  17. Kilgore is the SN resident downer. Lets just move along....
  18. Well, here's my 3.7 DOHC puttin down 315 hp. tn_DSCN0210.JPG
  19. looks like it sitting still to me :rolleyes:
  20. lol..