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  1. So I'm making a shift knob out of a baseball w a cork center. What do you think will bond well w cork and stainless? I used clear liquid nails to bond the nut but the ball spun when I screwed it down on the shifter. Maybe I didn't use enough but I dunno I'm thinking cork n stainless is a tall order
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  2. Really?
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  3. Ya bud get it done NICE!!! Think I seen some on ebay.
  4. Lol... I don't think the cork is gonna hold up that long, IMO.

    If you're dead set on it. Epoxy, or maybe some JB would work better than liquid nails. Put the nut in and let it fully harden before you try and screw it on. Once its dry, the hex pattern in the nut should keep it from spinning out in the base ball. Cork is porous so epoxy should stick pretty good. I think you may have problems with it ripping off axially though.
  5. It'll never work, cork tears too easily to hold. IF you are dead set on using a baseball, you'd have to replace the cork with something a little more dense.

    Or.... Not use a baseball for a shift knob.
  6. I just can't help but chuckle while reading all the replies. I have nothing constructive to add here...

  7. You're just mad cuz you didn't think of the baseball thing first. :D
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  8. well I'll be damned

    man that just looks goofy


    Now, if you want to talk about the perfect combination... drinking AND driving on demand

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  9. I wonder, would a pool ball (or other more solid base) would work to cover with the baseball's leather? If not, you could mount that beanie baby over the stock shift knob for a unique look and padded grip.:confused:

    I would hate for the cork to split in my hand on a hard shift.
  10. It's pretty dense I made one before w a full size ball but its a tad big for the hand. A reg ball is 9" dia and the one I'm using now is smaller 7.5" used for batting practice
  11. ^^^^^^^...and he has the baseball bat Saaaweeeeta!!!!