Loar Resistor For Parking Light/turn Signal

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  1. 95 Mustang gt

    Need to ad a 6 ohm 50w load resistor so I can put some led bulbs in my parking/turn signal. It's a 3157 dual filament bulb.

    1) Here is what I read: there are typically three (3) wires which are the two (2) positive wires for the turn signal and parking light function and one common negative. (you might need to guess which ones to connect? Most of the time, the common ground wire is Black and the turn signal light wire is Red)

    2.) Remove the factory bulb socket assembly from the housing. For dual filament bulbs, identify the positive turn signal wire using a multi-meter and mark it

    That being said would my brown wire be my positive TUEN SIGNAL?
    I used a multi meter & only get juice to the upper right (piece of metal) in the socket.

    Here is a picture of the socket. http://s1174.photobucket.com/user/eg...?sort=3&page=1

    Thanks in advance if you can help me.
  2. Did you check the voltage with the ignition switch on and the turn signal selected?

    Normally one wire is ground and the other two are for the filaments.
    Turn the parking lights on and then look for ground and one wire that has voltage on it. By process of elimination, the other wire is for the turn signal.
  3. No, I just turned on the parking lights. Makes sense now that you said to turn on the ignition & blinker. I'm assuming the black is the ground just don't know what the brown & green & white wires are. Should I touch the metal tabs in the socket to determine which is the blinker? I have a multi meter that I can use
  4. That would work. Use the a bare (clean, shiny bare metal) spot on the body for a meter ground if you have any doubts about which wire is ground.
  5. Being were the socket is I just use the battery ground. Should the multi meter move when I find the blinker circuit?
  6. With the bulb removed, it will either swing from 12 volts to 0 at a slow repetition rate or stay at 12 volts all the time.
  7. OK, got everything hooked up & it works!!! Thanks for the help

    I bought the test light & used it on the metal tabs in the socket to determine which wire was which!!!

    Passenger side has a green/white, brown, & black wire----the green/white is the blinker, brown is the parking light & black is ground

    Drivers side has a blue/white, brown, & black wire--- the blue/white wire is the blinker, brown in parking light & black is ground

    So I used scotch locks to connect the 6 ohm load resistor......connect the green/white to one end & the black to the other end of the load resistor (Passenger side)

    Connect the blue/white and the black wires to the load resistor (Drivers side) Make sure the connections are good & your finished.


    Here is a link to my photos http://s1174.photobucket.com/user/egull64/library/?sort=3&page=1