Look what I picked up @ FFW in houston! *PICS*

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  1. Yea thats right, a NEW HOOD!!!!!!!!!! (EIDT: Updated...daytime pics) We actually went up there pretty much planning on buying one...I had planned on a cowl induction hood. But dang EVERY FREEGIN MUSTANG UP THERE HAS A BACKWARDS HOOD!!!!!!!!!!! It gets old looking at them all...so I decided to pick up a 2000 Cobra R hood :banana:. Looks SOOO awsome, and got plenty of complements before we could finish strapping it to the roof/trunk lol. I really like it alot more than the cowls...and im glad all those cars had them so they got old looking LOL. This will really stand out....and only ONE car up there had a 00R hood. And have only seen 1 or 2 in person before. Pics=night just about an hour ago....will get better ones tomorrow...

    How we hauled it.

    And a few shots outsidein the sun...(new pics taken 04/30/06)
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    Small damage...
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    Best part is I picked it up for $160 :rlaugh: . It was "damaged" so I got it for a steel....there is 2 things wrong with it.

    A. one of the bolt holes for the mounting is stripped (EASY fix)
    B. (what he didnt tell us) SMALL little hole in the louver. Looks like someone was attempting to make it functional and gave up. Another easy fix btw.

    We are going to make it functional...ill give more updates on that later.


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  2. nice duct tape job :nice: :rlaugh:
  3. Heh, it held up to 73-74MPH all the way back :D . I didnt take ANY chances LOL. I put some cotton swavs on the fendor lip so nothing would dent...as well as on the spoiler where it was resting.
  4. wow...nice hood...but the wow is for the getto rigging for the trip home...whatever works though! haha crazy.
  5. LOL I like how you got it home.. I hate to see what you would do if you bought a engine :eek:
  6. Ha, we were definatly getting some looks on the way home :lol: . thought I would share...it was too funny looking to not take a pic of it :D

    Its called ghetto rigging :hail2: ....so what methods would the rest of you used? No trailor as I came up there in the GT so I could run it a few times....we will just say I tested out the 315 sumitimoz and didnt get a new best ET or trap LOL.

    Car was actually missing down there and was not running right at all. Got back to my 500' elevation and the car runs perfect :shrug: . Probably why I was 2MPH down...that and being full weight + a few things. The sea lv elevation must have made the tune go lean or something.
  7. you need a pick em up truck....

    but nice find, those hoods look good on your body style plus will help lower under hood temps...
  8. Holy crap, I'm amazed you didn't scratch your car. :eek:
  9. ahahahhahahhaha that is rigged like no other:rlaugh: :SNSign:
    nice looking hood though
  10. Looks awesome!! That's the hood i want. Do you need hood pins for it? Fiberglass I'm assuming?
  11. Dude?!?! You run DUAL hoods :nice:

    I have always wanted to try that. What kind of power and downforce does that setup give you?
  12. That hood looks good, nice choice! That was ghetto as hell how you got it home, but you gota do what you gota do. At least you came prepared with duct tape. :rlaugh:
  13. NICE!!!! cant wait to see it on the right end of the car lol
  14. you bastard! thats the hood i want, the only hoods on stangs here are the 3-4" cowl hoods, i'd be so original.

    Props on the towing setup lol, i would be too scared to put duct tape on my baby, i'd probably tie it to the spoiler and just drive really fast so it was like having a parasailor behind me. Hey if the spoiler rips off its a plus anyways.

    Actually i have no idea how i would get the hood home :shrug:
  15. "You might be a redneck if..."

    haha j/k man. That's what I call redneck enginuity.
  16. good deal :nice: .I like those hoods. I dont think I would of tried and duct taped it to my car though. :rlaugh:
  17. you are going to force me to paint mine and use it.

    rock out. your car is going to look cool with that. besides you will need it for the 5.4 4v.
  18. nice now i know a mustang can be used for more than just racing :D :rlaugh:
  19. :rlaugh: Thanks guys....you all should have see it in person, the nite pics didnt really do it justice LOL. It was pretty funny looking....but oddly enough it was like the car was designed to carry an extra hood right there lol. It fit perfect. But I was VERY picky to make sure any contact areas were well padded. Not one scratch :D.

    All the stuff left by the ducttape was removed by me this morning by "bug/adhesive/tar remover" :nice:. There is a little left on the glass, but the stuff on the paint is off...or 99% anyways. Ill check again soon.

    Bill yea thats what I like....hood clearance. After talking to Scott about the price of the 5.4 aluminum short block (8K) I am going to put the 5.4 GT heads on a 302 BB 4.6...much cheaper. :D

    And yes the downforce helped a tone! I could take the 40MPH curvs @ 105! Oh and no hood pins needed :D It has all the mounting areas...im realy not sure if ill do the pins though at this point :shrug: . Im not into them to much for some reason...

    And I want to say that there is nothing wrong with cowl hoods at all, I like them....but after seeing all them up there I wanted to be different, thats all. Cowls look awsome...thus why everyone has them :)
  20. I say you should have towed it home like a kite or para-sail!