Suspension Looking for best place to jack up 66 with pics...

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  1. Again, sorry for the repost but I have done a search to try and find pics but just found threads.

    Looking to change out leaf springs, front shocks and springs and some linkage on the tranny. I am trying to find the best place to jack up and place stands so I can get under the car.

    Any pics/ info will much appreciated.

    66 I6

  2. I put stands under the rear axles, as wide as I can given what I want to do (for stability), and under the most forward, level, section, of the front frame rails. You will have to unload the the springs (front and rear) to do what you want to do, so these are the best places, IMHO.
  3. place a block of wood under the rear torque boxes to spread out the load and put jack stands there. in the front, place blocks of wood under the front frame rails were the floor support overlaps the frame rails this is a strong spot. the blocks of wood will keep the boxes and fraim rails from being damaged by the jack stands.
  4. Having done this myself, I second that plan!

    You can't hold it up by the rear axle because the car will fall on you when you unbolt the u-bolts.
  5. Ok... Everyone says rear torque boxes..... Where are these?
  6. where the front of the rear leaf spring is bolted ,the flat area in front of that
  7. Ahhhh. Yes. Ok, I know where this is. Thank you for clairifying.
  8. Ha, ha. Joke's on me. You can't use the rear axles when you need to unload the rear suspension.
    My bad.