Lowest mileage 94-95 GT?

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  1. I dunno that price is kinda high...I know it doesn't really have any miles at all...it is worth it to me to pay that much but I don't think it is really fair market value??
  2. o my god!!!

    too bad its auto though :nonono:
  3. dang, i thought mine was low. I got mine last year with 26.5k on it.
  4. I got a better one for you. There was a carshow this last Sunday. I heard about this 93 LX hatch 5.0 that was suppose to be there. Apparently it was suppose to have very small mileage on it. So I walk in and see the nice red stang. By the way we have km here in Canada not miles. I check the dash and here is what I see.:

    844 kms ------> 524 miles

    Pretty amazing when you think about it. Car is absolutely mint. The mileage hasnt been tricked out or anything. This is the real thing. Although, the dummy owner even kept the original engine oil in there...Must be too expensive for him to change it. :D
  5. I like to think my 57,000kms is low.
  6. I bought mine last year with 46,000 on her, and I thought that was low.

    15,000 is not a bad starting price IMO. It's 15K for a BRAND new car, and I'm sure they would take low 14's for it.
  7. you only have 57000 on that??? Holy crap....my cross country cruiser has over 220 000 on it now, and not a bad tick out of it! (knock on wood)

  8. I just passed 32k :)
  9. a while back i went to a huge parts warehouse and the owner had a private collection of about 200 cars. one of which was an original '95 Cobra R with less than 100 miles on it, still had the paper floor mats and plastic on the seats from the dealership
  10. Yeah but imo you are more likely to find a Low mileage Cobra R, Pace car, removable hardtop, or even a regular cobra. But most GT's people drive even as a weekend driver it gets driven. I have 35k and I always thought that was low, when I first started driving it it had 25k and I was 16 now Im 19 soon to be 20.
  11. Well, mine has about 66,000 on it, which isn't that low, but not too bad. Really, on average thats only about 6,000 miles a year because the 94's are 11 years old, almost 12 model years old! The saddest part is I've only put 6,000 on the odometer since I've had it. And I've had it 3 years!
  12. I just kicked over 17k on my 94 Cobra. There is a local shop out here with a teal 93 cobra in a bubble with 3 miles on it. Not sure why the hell nobody ever drove it though. The owner said it came with the shop, and the previous shop owner just never titled it. Parked it and left it. The guy said it would probably need a lot of work to get running again since it hasn't been started for almost 10 years. What a waste..........
  13. I dont think I will ever understand people like that, if your not going to bother maintaining the car that you will just never drive or leave in a bubble then sell it to someone who will appreciate it. Like the guy who had the original bullitt that was used in the movie and did not sell it to McQueen and just let the car sit in a barn. :bang:
  14. Yeah 56,500 actually.

    Which is just over 35,000 miles.
  15. there's a '93 cobra on autotrader with 18 miles for $29,500.
    my '95 cobra just rolled 23,000 miles. good enough for me.