Mach 1 MACH 1 automatics?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Iwvustang, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Do they make Mach 1's with the auto trans. I have a company lease GT and my lease is coming up and for some reason they will not let me get a manual on my next car.

  2. Yes they do
  3. yes but the redline is 5800 vs 6800..your better off with 5spd
  4. True, but at the local track there was an auto Mach that went 13.4 at 104 bone stock, not to shabby.
  5. eh, i was hoping they didnt make them. But obviously they do.
  6. Not entirely true - it depends on what he's doing with the car.

    If he wants to drag race it, the auto is the way to go for consistency & good 60' launches over & over again. True, the lower redline hurts if you keep the car stock, but a custom chip can change the redline easily enough.

    If he wants all-around fun, then a 5-spd is the only way to go.

    The 5-spds are faster out of the box (assuming a great driver), but the autos have just as much potential once you start modding them IMHO.
  7. They do make a Auto version. 5-spds are faster and more fun!
  8. I understand the concept of wanting an automatic for more consistant times out of the box, but who would not want to drive the Mach on the street often? This would make the 5 speed much more fun. I would never buy another automatic mustang. Practice makes perfect I will just have to go to the track more. I ran low 13's at 102 mph with 3500 miles on it bone stock with a 5-speed. Not to bad for the first time out .
  9. The automatic Mach1 beat three 5speed Mach1s this past year at funfordweekend events.

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  10. Thats cool I just like my 5speed. I don't think I could go back inless I was going to go LOTS faster.
  11. Count me in as PRO Mach autos !

    The one I drove felt as fast as my SS - once it (the Mach) was over say 1500 RPM.

    I'da bought it, too - but they did not want to work on $'s or trade in. :(

    Oh, well - their loss ! :rlaugh:

  12. Yes.
  13. I drove a Mach 1 with an auto when they first came out. I was so DISAPPOINTED. My first car was a 69 mach 1 and I was really excited about getting another one. When I drove it, I was supprised by how NOT PRIMAL it was. I kept hearing about the great sounds the motor made and the improved torque. Didn't have what I wanted. I suspect that a 5 speed and some flowmasters would fix everything and make it an amazing car, but on that day I was a little disappointed.

    They are damn beautiful.