Mach 460 right rear amp won't turn on after HU install


Jun 10, 2005
2001 GT w/ Mach 460

I installed the Metra 70-5519 harness

Using Alpine 9856

The left amp in the trunk will turn on and works fine with the alpine. This gives me sound to the front door mounted woofers when using the white RCA from the harness

The right rear amp will not turn on no matter what. I've checked continuity between the connectors and plugs, they're fine. All pre-outs on the alpine work fine, I get sound from all channels on the alpine by connecting the white RCA from the Metra Harness to each one of the pre-outs.

When only the red RCA is connected there is no sound from the rear woofers at all.

I've tried connecting the amp turn on leads to the alpine remote wire and 12V ignition. No life from the right rear amp. I've tried tying the amp grounds to the amp ground wire from the main Metra harness.

All fuses check fine, unless there is a fuse on the amp itself?

Worst of all is the fact that when I connect the stock Mach 460 deck back up it fires up and works like a charm

I'm at a loss...
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