Madmike, You Are A Bad Influence And An Alabama Crazy @$$

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  1. HAH! We ran across some titanium blocks in high school. Since we didnt have a car with air bags, we did the next best thing.....

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  2. Pretty badass launch!
  3. LOL! Back when I worked in orthopaedics, we would take the leftover titanium shavings from the hips we'd machine for your grandmothers and light them on fire. That stuff is intense, and I'm told it's nearly impossible to put out. We just let it burn, of course, haha. Never thought to drag it on asphalt... Now I'm wishing we did.
  4. We actually did it enough to wear through a set of leaf spring perches on the cart. We could go an easy half mile, leaning like a luge (sp?) to steer. Granted, this is a highway, so when a car would come, we'd lean forward and drive off in the ditch. Yeah, we got really bored.
  5. I love that generation Ranger/Bronco II. I had an '88 Bronco II and loved it. I've wanted to build a Bronco II into a street rod for a long time.
  6. pretty much pitched an 84 ranger a few months ago it was so rotted out

  7. Thats not going to happen, even though I would love to do it. This is my winter driver, so it needs to be able to get around in 3 to 6 inches of snow when my street isnt plowed before work in the morning. Havent made any progress on the suspension yet, Ive been super busy the last week and was in a wedding yesterday which equals hangover today.
  8. Riddle me this Batmen, I have questions about swapping to a T-5. The C6 not having overdrive basically sucks. I know if you have an auto in a fox and want to switch to manual, you need to swap the computers (just an example, because fuel injection is all Ive ever known). In this 1985 Ranger, I have a 351W which obviously isnt stock. Do you think I need to do any fancy computer swapping for timing reasons if I wanted to yank the C6 and throw a T-5 in it, or is this carbed puppy just a stand alone thing that doesnt use the computer anymore? Im not worried about the mechanical aspect, just the electronics. Can anyone shed any light on this part for a noob?

    Edit: The current trans doesnt have a neutral safety switch or anything, it will try to start in gear. I dont plan on adding one with a T-5 either, just an FYI. Its a hot rod, no one else will be driving it but me.
  9. make it look like a 65 fastback
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  10. I'd be willing to bet that the only computer in that truck is your phone when you're driving it. The swap should be fine
  11. not sure his phone qualifies for computer status

  12. Like the wheels bro nice!!!
  13. The rims look great!
  14. Thanks for the compliments guys. I didnt figure there would be too much to the tranny swap, but I know very little about carbed applications as well as wiring up engines to run without computers. Just wanted to be sure.
  15. #1. If I'm such a "Bad influence", how is it that the end result of my influence has you in that nice little truck?
    #2. I'd put a 4R70W in it if it were mine. (unless you want to scrounge the pedals, clutch cable, bellhousing, flywheel, shifter, trans mount, driveshaft and what not for an early ranger)
    A 4R70W is the automatic behind every stupid engine (v-6 and v-8) Ford put in every mustang, 99 up. It is a true 4 speed O/D trans, that unlike an AOD, does not rely on the converter to "lock up" for a overdrive. The 6 cylinders come w/ a ridiculous first gear (like a 3.something). Internally its better built than an AODE, and the final O/D is like .63. It is about the same size as your big-assed C-6.

    On the subject of computers,....It is fully computer driven. Before you glaze over, wave your hand, purse your lips and make that PFFFFT sound,..........It's not like I would offer a tid bit w/o first tasting it for poison.
    There is a stand alone controller made by Bauman that will let you dial up shift points, and increase shift firmness all on one little box that doesn't even need a computer to program. This box costs like 525.00.

    It is the trans that will go in the Gila Monster.

    There,......more bad influence for you to have to wrestle with.
  16. So are you saying that this would be as simple as a bolt in affair with the exception of my drive shaft and that box to tune it? The guy I bought the truck from was talking about his tranny guy and how I can call if I want him to try to source me anything or sell the C6 in the event I do a swap. I am guessing this guy can easily get me the 4R70W and go through it to make it solid, but I would like to do the install myself.
  17. You need 12 volts to the primary side of the coil and that's it. Unless it has some sort of electronic distributor, then you'll also need 12 v to that too. Then wire up the alternator and starter and you're set. Gauges or idiot lights are optional.
  18. Much newer and a computer would have been an issue, so you are lucky there. NICE PAINT AND WHEELS! The engine bay needs cleaned up to match the rest as you know. Having owned a Ranger, a limited slip and good traction tires will get you far this winter. Do real truck tires even fit those rims? Drift tires and a one wheel burnout differential will get you so stuck.
  19. The tires are the stock all season Pirellis from my 2011 GT. Luckily for me, the 9" rear has great bite with both tires. Ive done a few standing burnouts since I bought her. I plan to put a couple/few hundred pounds in the bed once snow starts flying. I drove my '95 GT on bald drag radials the first winter I had it and managed to get around so I'll be alright. I havent had much time to do anything with the truck as I have a 3 month old and a 3 year old, and my wife isnt always thrilled about feeding, bathing and putting them to bed at night while I play in the garage. I am hoping to get to the suspension drop this week using a couple evenings. Gotta be honest, I feel a little bad using this as a winter truck, but looking at the engine bay helps me justify it so I dont know how much I am going to clean it up!
  20. Yea, I wouldn't do a T5, and @madmike1157 is making a pretty strong argument for a 4R70W. T5s are like roller block 302s- swapping to it from something else isn't much of an upgrade, and you'll probably just end up breaking it anyway. Unless you were going to do something like an Astro A5, in which I'd be on board with 100%.