1. That is in the plans. The car is clean and was running good until this. It's an 01 with 75000 miles. Can't help but think I screwed up the MAF somehow
  2. I second the notion of replacing the plugs. Platinum plugs and boost don't work well together in my experience. I would also like to see you using the NGK V power plugs.
    You could be experiencing spark blow out causing your high rpm stutter... just a thought
  3. When I get home today I will try a diff MAF one more time since I have replaced pigtail. If that doesn't work I will go get new plugs. What gap is recommended. It's like when boost comes in it is so freaking rich. It's not completely combusting. Weird timing to me since I just cleaned MAF
  4. Ok guys thanks for all the help. But it's not over yet. Here is the synopsis. I replaced the Bosch with auto lite copper and gapped at .034. The deal is it is not missing. I was misdiagnosing. It is flooding. I'm ruling out stuck injector because of good idle and low rpm and all of the old plugs that were a week old were sooty not just one . So here is scenario again. Had low rpm stutter cleaned MAF now flooding at near WOT. New MAF and pigtail new plugs helped but not fix. Seems like it's the tune but had no problems prior. Have owned for a month now and no other issues
  5. I see no mention of codes. Pull your codes and see what the computer is telling you. Don't worry if the CEL is not on, many codes do not trigger that. Post up your results and lets go from there
  6. No codes are showing. Of course it is one of those cheaper scanners
  7. That should still work. Do you have cats? Do you have oxygen sensors? Are they turned off in your tune? If you're running rich, they should record a code unless they are turned off
  8. No and yes. Front ones are not not sure about rear ones must be because of no CEL. I know the front ones are on because two weeks ago I had a CEL for a heater problem on O2 and saw it had a burnt wire so I replaced and it went off
  9. I'm thinking and I say thinking because I don't know tune. That since I am getting closer I need to heed your advice and gap lower. It was a Saleen series 1 kit so the ECM was shipped to Saleen to tune. Now it has a smaller pulley so it may have been retuned. But the tune may just require a small gap. I'm also thinking the MAF thing was a weird coincidence. Maybe just maybe those gimmicky four prong Bosch plugs had enough spark for a week until they all got sooty.
  10. .034 gap should be fine for your application so I doubt that it is causing you this headache. If you changed the pulleys to increase boost that could have an effect. Also be careful doing so on a PD blower. You may be causing more heat soak with spinning the blower harder and this can really spike the IAT's. Do you have a way to monitor them while you are driving? There are tables that base timing/fuel on IAT. If you have increased this to a range not expressly worked on inside the tune this may be your whole problem. Try changing the pulley back (if you have recently changed it) and see if this clears up. When it comes to boost, some times there is such a thing as too much
  11. The pulley was changed before I bought the car. It has been done for a month now. I just changed the plugs. It is a root style blower
  12. Fine for a month is what I meant to say. Have owned the car a month and everything was fine. I was just trying to do preventative maintenance by plugs and cleaning MAF and changing fuel filter and now have this issue.
  13. why do we have 2 threads opened for the same issue. It becomes confusing when 2 different stories are being told and trouble shooting is being multiplied. You should of stayed with one thread on this issue.
  14. Sorry this one is titled MAF and I thought I had eliminated that issue so was starting one concerning the plugs. My bad
  15. Maybe the ADMIN can merge the 2 so that everyone can see and read the whole scoop that is going on here instead of bouncing back and forth.
  16. Do you have access to monitor your pcm sensor input data? If you do check your downstream H02S. This is the one the PCM checks for oxygen content in your exhaust gas and makes feul trim adjustments off of to try to check AF value as close to stryocimetric as possible(14.7/1). It will alter short term feul trim and every two minutes adjust long term feul to try to maintain stryocimetric homogenus(14.7/1), although it will fluctuate from rich to lean. Another system you might want to check is the purge control solenoid from the EVAP canister. If it is stuck open it will allow extra feul into intake and cause a rich mixture.