magnaflow magnapac catback

Discussion in 'Exhaust Parts' started by venamus94, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. i am selling my magnaflow magnapac catback system. i am looking to lessen the decibals emmitted by this gnarly exhaust. may be better suited for someone with cat converters? i put it on the car two months ago and rarely take it out of the garage. i doubt theres even water spots on it. my loss is your gain at $325.00. i can also deliver it for free to phoenix, denver, dallas, las vegas, or houston areas for free as my auto transport company frequents those cities.
  2. Will you take 300 shipped ? That is depending on the pics.
  3. sorry for the delay. im sucha newb i cant even reply correctly! the xhaust is still on my car but i will get the best pics i can and get them to you, somehow. lol. thanks for your patience.
  4. you willing to ship?
  5. exhaust

    How much shipped to PA and how do I get payment to you?
  6. Posted via Mobile Device will u sell just the mufflers
  7. how much shipped to 53968?
  8. how much shipped to 16650? PA.
Thread Status:
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