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  1. I plan on getting rid of my powersteering this winter, and I wanna through in a manual rack.. What will fit my car?? (93LX) I know flaming river sells a nice manual rack but I don't have that much money right now.. what are you guys using?? any suggestions??
    thanks :)
  2. I have the flaming river stuff on my car. It's some pretty nice stuff. Might be worth saving up for. I wouldn't skimp on something as important as steering.
  3. I've heard of people just getting a standard auto-store replacement for the manual rack. You'd need the manual rack, shaft, and tie rod ends. I think it's a good bit cheaper than the Flaming River one, but I got the FR just to make sure everything was included and there would be no suprises. Just call your local auto store (Auto-Zone, Pep Boys, etc) and price those parts and then add it up and see if it's enough of a difference to go with it over the Flaming River.
    Hope this helps! :nice:
  4. How much weight do you drop w/ this?
  5. Iswapped my 85 Mustang 5.0LX over to manual steering a while back. I found a older (79-82) 4cyl. Mustang in a wrecking yard with manual steering AND brakes, & put it all in. The steering column splined coupler is different, so if you find a car with a manual rack, make sure you get that too. The early racks used different pressed in bushings, which I drilled out, & used the split style bushings from my PS rack. The rack itself only weighs about a pound less, but the main savings is getting rid of the PS pump, lines,& hoses. Plus freeing up the HP required by spinning the pump. Also cleans the underhood appearance too. I wouldn`t do it to a daily driver car, esp with wide front tires, but for a race car or weekend toy, it`s fine. My wrecking yard rack cost less than $50.00 (I pulled it myself), & I installed new boots. Works fine.
  6. Thanks for the help guys... As for the weight I don't care how much is dropped in thr front cause of it but I need the extra room with having no p/s and ac pulleys/assemblies because I going to be putting in a mondo x-trim on this car.. Its gonna be pretty much a race car.