West Coast Members of the Old School, check in!

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  1. Eventhough I will always love mustangs and still have them, I've been turned off by the community lately and have just been my own. At one time it was enjoyable, and fun to be involved with things, but those day have come and gone.

    For those that remember me, my life has changed alot. I'm Married now, have a 10 year old daughter and have a baby on the way. No I can't do the same things I was able to do before, because I have more important things in life, but would love to enjoy the mustang world more than just myself.

    I figured I would come back to the message board that started it all and see if maybe I could find some life again.

    I reconigze some people still on here and like to know who's hanging around.

    My profiles are so out of date right now LOL!

  2. I lurk from time to time.
    Still have the stangs.
    Teenage daughter and elderly parent take most of my time though...
    Gimmie a couple years and I'll be back in it again.
  3. Sold the Cobra, got a V6 Camaro. Dont race anymore.
    I blame Facebook...
  4. I raised 3 kids , had the stangs the entire time , now have 5 grand kids , and am teaching them ............
  5. I'm around, just other places mainly now.
  6. I joined quite a while back. Never really participated much, lurked a lot. I do believe I'll be taking part in the Toy Run on Dec. 4th though.

    edit....now that I posted that. I see its my first post...lol
  7. Hello.

  8. Still around also,moved to a diffrent site thats local and way more active for our area. Still lurk here time to time. peace

  9. I'm always looking for local cruises, etc. Mind sharing the other site?
  10. Small world,

    I recognized your avatar and found you on PNWRiders.

    Congrats now you have an Istalker:rlaugh:
  11. Hey man! I remember you. I bought the s351 spoiler from you years ago. I sold that stang and now have a 96 GT that is all primered and just finished putting a roll cage in. I'm not too into the forums anymore but I should probably get back into them.

    What forums are everyone on these days?

    I'm just doing body and paint out of my shop now, so if anyone needs anything be sure to let me know :)

  12. Somebody put up a link to the more active local forum, that way we can all get banned one last time.
    :rlaugh: :nice: :ban:
  13. OH HAI! I know you :hail2: I'm gonna try to be more social, and go out more, we'll see what happens lol.
  14. What up guys!!!! There is a more active forum the majority of us have moved too. I actually just sold my fifty yesterday went to a good home by Seattle. Thinking about buyin a 4 banger coupe an transplanting it. I'm sure someone will chime in here with a hint of something.... :-D
  15. Dont mind if I do!!!

    The Local Forum
  16. Lies! No, seriously, this isn't where everyone went is it? :shrug:
  17. Quite a few yes. :nice:
  18. In case you didn't do it but go to the link an click on the background it will take you in.
  19. Never was a very active poster here, but used to keep up with the site when it was 'the' place to be.
    When I signed up I had a '91 5.0, hence the username. Now I've got a 4.6

    Funny how the 5.0 was both dropped and reintroduced to the Stang lineup since then! Too bad I've got a limited edition car that I want to keep pretty much stock, or I could stuff a new 5.0 in it and my name would match my car again.