MGW shifter owners, are they worth it??

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  1. I have a 2007 GT with the 5 speed with 16k miles on it and really enjoy the car with one exception -- shifting. I was hoping that this problem would get much better as the trans broke in, but if anything it's worse. I have driven 2 other 5 speed GT's and the trans/shifters were the same. Had I known that the trans/shifter was going to continue to be so "unrewarding" (how's that for being politically correct), I would have gotten the automatic which seems to be a very nice piece.

    I have 2 gripes. 1 is the slow "rev-down" of the engine at low rpm like would be used in town. I know that it is the nature of the beast (something to do with emissions but feels like I have a 500 pound flywheel). I have already changed tunes which has reduced but not eliminated the problem. This is mainly an annoyance more than anything else and IS NOT a problem at high rpms when I'm "on it".

    The second gripe is the clunky trans/shifter. I've driven other rear drive performance cars and some have absolutely slick shifting gearboxes, so I know it can be done. The stock trans/shifter combo feels disconnected or vague at best. This is an across the board (low or high rpm) aggravation. When you combine this problem with the above, I feel like I'm driving a '64 International pickup with a 4 speed "crash box" instead of a sweet coupe when puttering around town.

    So, my question is, will the MGW shifter provide that smooth feel that BMW, Toyota or Nissan gives or am I just stuck with a trans/shifter that feels more like it was lifted directly from a tow truck? I'm not trying to flame Ford as I love my Mustang, I'm just terribly disappointed with this aspect of the car and wished they would have done better.

    Thanks for any feedback you can provide.
  2. If smooth is what you want, the MGW will be perfect for you.
  3. I wouldn't trade mine for anything.....the quality is awesome and best part you WILL love it because you can adjust throw and shifter height to the way you like it. You can't go wrong.
  4. I put mine in about 8 weeks ago and can't say enough about it. This shifter is awesome!!
  5. i use the pro 5.0 shifter and love that too.

  6. You're right, smooth and direct is the feel I'm looking for. Where did you buy yours, directly from MGW or through a vendor?
  7. I don't think MGW goes through vendors although I could be wrong. Also, if you are having that "lock-out" or sloppy shifter feel, you might want to consider a CHE K-member brace with Torque Limiters.


    I have this with a whipple supercharger @ 460rwhp 457ft-lbs and I haven't been locked out yet even with the "crappy" hurst shifter.
  8. MGW only sells direct to the customer.

    +1 for the CHE K Member Brace with Torque Limiters.
  9. MGW is a much nicer feel and much shorter throw, it almost feels notchy so you know which gear your in.
  10. go with the hurst. . . i have one for sale that i swapped out for my MGW. . oops.. hehe, i LOVE my MGW and wouldn't trade it for anything
  11. MGW is the bomb!
  12. I noticed that the brace has rubber isolation bushings so I'm assuming that it will not transfer noise and vibration to the interior, true??

  13. Now that's a testimonial !! I'm sold. :nice:
  14. I haven't noticed any rattling coming from the transmission area. The shifter is a lot stiffer though and a lot easier to shift with. It's honestly the best money I've spent in relation to shifting.
  15. I just traded in my '01 GT for an '06 GT and after reading numerous threads on the quality of the shifters available for the New Edge Stangs, and then this thread, I bought me a MGW shifter for my '06. I hate you guys... no really, I love you guys, but I have no doubt that my wife would hate you if only she knew... :D
  16. MGW is the greatest!:nice: I have a quote in an email from mgw, if you cant shift with this shifter you need an automatic! I will pm it to anyone that wants to see it & the best customer service they send you updates as they find them, bushings & adjustible lower arm so far... I broke one:)
  17. I love MGW I had one of my Mach 1 and am thinking about getting for my 07 GT
  18. I am curious - I dont consider my pro 5.0 the best because I havent used any others...

    You guys who say that MGW is the best - have you used everything else out there?

    I generally think when someone buys something - majority of the time it is the best to them.

  19. Sold my pro 5.0 & bought the mgw never looked back:nice:
  20. The Pro 5.0 is the same thing as the Steeda Tri-Ax. I had a Tri-Ax and MGW. Comparing the 2 shifters, side by side, I went with the MGW. I never installed my Tri-Ax so I don't know how it would have compared but I am very happy I went with the MGW.