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  1. These parts are off of my 88 coupe:
    Complete wiper assembly-motor, arms, etc...(perfect working condition)
    Stock hood/latch/cable (paints cranberry with metalflake - 1yr old)
    Eibach drag launch springs (fronts only)
    Coolant resevoir (stock)
    Make me an offer!
  2. Not even an offer!? These parts are in perfect condition and im moving....they must go!
  3. Willing to trade or sale! Let me knw wht u got!
  4. $20 + shipping for the hinges. PM if ok.
  5. How much for the hood? Shipping to 46167
  6. 100 + Shipping and i'll have to check on that...I jus payd 110 to ship mine bc it was shippd via freight
  7. Hinges sold!
  8. Shipping will involve a freight charge, not cheap, but pm me if still interested.
  9. $75 shipped for the wiper assembly!? Also have factory coolant resevoir if any1's interested.....
  10. This stuffs gotta go!!
  11. *EDITED*
  12. price for the Eibach drag launch springs.... got any pic's of them
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.