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  1. I have the following for sale: all parts were brand new, used for 10 passes.

    7 JE reverse dome pistons -26.5cc - all zero balanced - had all checked by machine shop - $250 shipped.


    Cam Motion custom billet solid roller cam, 670/.680 lift, 260/280 dur, 114LC - $250


    NOS 100 shot nitrous kit - $120


    BBK short 2 1/2" H-pipe - $75 plus shipping


    Hughes Powerglide 2 speed, used for 10 passes, going with a MMR TKO 750 and Mcleod twin disc for street/strip use.

    Hughes GM Powerglide, 2 speed
    Dedenbear SFI case
    9310 steel gears 1.76 1st gear ratio
    Billet 4340 input shaft
    A-1 Performance 8inch GM Powerglide custom converter 4500 stall
    TCI neutral balance flexplate
    adapter plate for SBF
    B & M shifter
    Custom 33.5” seamless steel drive shaft with 1350 joints


    converter: http://a-1perf.com/product/race-converters-gm-8/C801.html

    $4,000 plus shipping

    [email protected]
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  3. can you list what is included in the NOS kit. is it pn#5115?
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