Moates QuarterHorse - Tuning on the fly!

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by Don 95Vert, Nov 23, 2009.

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    This was just used once for R&D, never was permanently on any vehicle. It is the latest 'upgraded' model.

    From Moates Website: "It gives you absolute, bumpless, 100% realtime tuning AND realtime datalogging for all EEC-IV and EEC-V through 2004. It plugs into the J3 port like a chip, but its capabilities are stunning. This is just the hardware, and limitations of vehicle coverage are only with the software packages (which are evolving quickly and available separately).

    You can change ANY parameter while the vehicle is running without disturbing operation. You can log ANY parameter in RAM from the EEC-IV and V at sample rates well over 2,000 frames per second through the same mini USB cable (no OBD cable needed). Simultaneous ultra-high-speed rigorous datalogging capabilities are closely-coupled with the realtime-emulation / tuning-on-the-fly for the ultimate tuning experience.

    This device continues the tradition and heritage of our highly-integrated, low-cost, high-quality tuning tools from GM and Honda into the Ford arena. It is fully supported by all the major DIY-EFI software such as Paul Booth's EEC Editor, Clint Garrity's Binary Editor, and Mark Mansur's TunerPro."

    Comes with the Quarterhorse 'chip' a USB cable and a USB#cable extension. You'll also need software - I'd recommend Clint Garrity's Binary Editor.
    Free Shipping! One only. $220. PayPal or mail me a money order, then I'll ship it. Please don't make offers because I am not flexible on the price. Please email me at [email protected]

    I'll include a FREE base tune with it for your combo - still will need a bit of tweaking but you'd be 99% of the way there - I normally charge $75 for these base tunes.



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