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  1. I know I would have saved so much money just sticking with the first plan what ever it was.
  2. Couple pics, I've been taking my days off to work on this thing so hopefully it will be running soon which is all I want, to get it running. I got my long tubes installed today. Wasnt too bad, had to lift the motor and detach the steering column but overall it wasnt too bad, only took like 2 hours. I also made my own bracket for the coil and mounted it up on the head in place of the power steering pump. I am hoping the heat soak wont be too much but we will see how it holds up. I still have more wiring to do, lots of cleaning, and also need to redo my brakes since I need to replace the master cylinder and the lines are all stripped. Just those things and small things like getting the top end put back together is all I need to get this thing running.


  3. :nice:

    that oil filter looks like its been through hell and back though.
  4. well a working/driving fox is better than a jackstand pita anyday i suppose. good luck to ya either way.....your turbo project did seem cool though
  5. Your going to have issues running power steering with that coil there
  6. go manual rack
  7. I am running no power steering, and am going to purchase a manual rack later on. The oil filter was a temp to give me space but still not let the area rust.
  8. Alright guys, finally was able to make space in my garage to fit my car in so I can really get some work done on it. It was impossible to work on the car sitting in the grass. So I got started with the time consuming stuff. I wanted to do the wiring right so I took off the fender and mounted up my solenoid, and my fan controller and relay. Its still real messy, some things are still temp, but its coming along. I already started ordering in all the small stuff I need to actually get this car running so It should be running in a month or two.

    I still would like to eventually get back to the turbo build. What I invested in it is priceless and not worth selling, so I hope to get back to it sometime in the future.





    Got the Taurus Fan mounted up

  9. looking good man
  10. I was gonna say get this thing running before winter but then I saw where you live. So take your time, do it right and you'll be happy. Good to see you'll revisit the turbo project later.
  11. oh what kind of rad is that? looks like a 1 row. I had cooling issues with that small of a rad. have you ran it before?
  12. I like that bronze engine color....what paint is that?
  13. Thanks guys. The radiator is just a stock replacement with a lifetime warranty so yea, i've used it before but I've swapped it out a couple times. Before I tore the car down I was having some overheating problems. I am going to see how it runs with the new parts and the new fan. Dont get me wrong though I have been seriously looking at upgrading the radiator but the money just isnt there for that right now.

    Mike, the color is just a duplicolor engine paint, I think it is called cast coat iron, its basically the color that cast iron parts look like new, its really like a dark grey but does have a bronze color in light.
  14. should hopefully be good then N/A but may not cut it if you go turbo with all that extra underhood heat. That fan should help things out.
  15. Got a little more work done, most of the progress was made inside the fenders with the wiring. I am just about done. The only thing left for wiring is I need to redo the battery cable coming from the trunk and also need to wire up my MSD ignition box.
    I need to run these through the firewall anyone have any tips on the best place to drill through the firewall?

    Just a couple updated pics, also was test fitting the intake making sure it lined up, I may have to paint the tubes black since they do not match but I am going to try and polish the bigger tube up first.




  16. Looks good man. The sharp angle that cold air intake pipe takes would worry me due to turbulence, but it's probably not that big of a deal. Just drive it!
  17. Yea I was thinking the same thing, but I plan on changing it in the near future, it cost me like 30 bucks to put together so I cant complain, but if I could go back I would have gotten a 45* coupler and and 45*pipe, thats probably what I am going to do later on but I didnt want to spend another 30 bucks on it. I dont think the difference will be noticeable though, I just think it will look much better. I had originally planned on going with a 90* coupler at the throttle body but the one I got was too small and didnt line up with the hole in the fender.
  18. looks good mang
  19. Thanks guys.
  20. Got a lot more work done today, finally poured oil in her! That means shes just about ready to go.

    I had a real close call today where I was having trouble putting the header bolts in the head so I was running a tap through each of the holes while I was pushing the headers out of the way. Accidentally let go of the header and it fell on the tap and broke it flush with the head. My heart sank and seriously thought my life was over, I figured it would be months before I found time to take the head off and get it out. I managed to stay calm and used my dremel with a small cutting wheel to make a slot on the tap and managed to back it out with a flat head screw driver.

    So all is well, got the starter installed, also had to hammer the long tubes a little to clear the steering shaft. These long tubes turned out to be a little more of a pain than they had first seemed to be, I had lifted the motor and gotten them installed in like 2 hours, then realized there was going to be a little more involved than just bolting them up, I had to put them in and take them out about 4 times before I got it just right.

    Also realized with the gt40p heads I am NOT going to be able to change my spark plugs with the headers installed. The spark plug boots fit fine but looks like I am going to have to remove the exhaust for a spark plug swap.

    I got more pics but no reason to whore I'll just post this one till I get more progess done. Hopefully next update the engine will at least be running.