more HP from bigger MAF?

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  1. i've never really looked into a bigger MAF, but does it give you more power(how much) and how does it??
  2. well if you believe the dyno results in magazines and advertising around 10 hp. i'm guessing probably a little less in the real world so not alot.......on a stock engine.
    although, being the stock maf size is like 55mm or something like that and the stock throttle body is 60, it would make more sense to switch the maf before the tb.
    only problem is, you have to pick a brand which is c&l or pro m and you can do a search on those and see the war between those two. i think pro m's are probably a little better for certain applications but it costs more to have them recalibrated ( about 100$ ) vs just buying a new sampling tube for a c&l ( around 30 bucks )
    you probably wouldn't wanna buy a pro-m calibrated for 19 injectors if you were soon down the road going to switch to a combo that would require bigger injectors.....( you'd wanna wait so you knew what size injectors to buy the pro-m for) some use c&l's with no prob while it does seem that the guys running more serious set ups that need alot of tuning use the pro-m...
  3. The power to be gained is in the upper RPM ranges where the smallish 55mm MAF housing becomes a choke point when you're blasting down the highway or on the track. Opening up the sensor to allow more air to flow into the engine is one of the fastest way's to make your car breath better.
  4. Agreed. It also is worth mentioning that no one part is going to be all that special, but a combination of the right parts will make each one far more important than they would otherwise be. That stock 55mm MAF could be costing you nothing, and someone else could gain over 20hp by changing it. It all depends. Since it's one of the first things most people do under the hood, most people don't fully appreciate the difference it makes in the long run.
  5. junkyard 94-95 model MAF is cheap alternative you have to get an adaptor for the air filter though
  6. Well i'm thinking about ordering a c&l 76mm maf since i just added a cobra u/l and a bbk 70mm tb to my combo and i'm sure that i'm losing some air flow having that stock 55mm maf on there.

    Whatcha think ? Will this be a worth while mod ? In this case would the bigger maf = more hp?

  7. Yes go for it:nice:
  8. If you've already done intake and tb, a bigger MAF is deffinetly worth it. If you haven't done those first, they will give you more results than the MAF by itself.
  9. Tested an proven .2 at the track with a 75mm pro m, on a very near stock 93 5 speed GT. (pullies, flowmaster mufflers only, and gutted cats).

    car went from 13.9-13.7, then i took the meter back, lol. (this was on my friends car, and i toated second gear, so we tried swapping it).

    I'm in no mood to get into the C&L vs pro m debate (today at least), but you get what you pay for.
    Price should be no object on a Mass air meter.
  10. Well one of my friends is trying to talk me into a pro-m which is what i had before with the 24# injectors.

    If someone would be willing to explain some of the pros and cons of the c&l 76mm vs the pro-m 75mm bullet that would probably help me decide which way to go. Honestly the cost isn't really the issue it's what would be better and perform better. To me the pro-m bullet looks like it wouldn't restrict ANY flow because of its design but what do i know.

    Sorry for hijacking your thread FoxFan
  11. someone correct me if i'm wrong but, the c&l if you ask me looks to be basically and over size stock type maf. same design, even uses the stock electronics.....only difference i can see is that it has the ability to change the sampling tube ( for that small hole where the maf element is) and the opening ( for air flow is bigger ) other than that it works similar to the stock one.
    the pro-m has it's own electronics, no sampling tube, so the factory calibrates it for the injectors, and also to what type of air filter you use.....
    i would think the c& l would work fine on more mild combo's being it's similar to stock design although some have reported idle issues with it, others have not....and ofcourse when your talking about these cars, there's a zillion things that could goof up the i think it's hit or'll either work or it won't....
    seems like plenty of people use both.....i guess it's like manifolds, tb's, or anything else, everyone has their own personal experiences with this stuff good and bad....
  12. get the 94-95 maf, 70mm, dirt cheap on ebay.

    edit, i did not read the whole thread
  13. makes no sence to me to spend money on an aftermarket maf now. wait till you need on. get the 70mm 94-95 stock maf
  14. dont get C&L. tunners have hard times tuning car with those meeters. 80mm pmas when the time come when you would actually need to upgrade
  15. You really need to research stuff on your own a bit, before posting on forums. The stock MAF is 55m, and your stock TB is 58mm or 59mm. On a stock system, it already appears to be a bottleneck. If you get a larger diameter MAF, then you can take full advantage of your stock or larger TB. If your heads/intake can take in any more air, then they may now be able to. More air.. more power.. blah blah.

  16. a stock 94-95 is 70mm. cant go wrong there as a start
  17. Nope, not at all.. i've been on the lookout for a cheap one myself - unfortunetly I havn't run into one yet.

  18. I just won a 70mm cobra MAF on ebay for $56.50 I don't think I can't go wrong for that price....
  19. That's not bad. Cheap stuff on ebay usually ends up being above average price by the time it comes up to me in Canada, so i'm not quite so fortunate. The SN95 MAF is one of those parts i'll buy if a deal comes along but right now i don't care to go looking for one. I'm more interested in carving :D
  20. Carving?