Motor Trend's predictions for the next gen Stang

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  1. :cheers:here here:cheers:...look at the gto, cookie cutter design all the for you saying 40 is not old i agree and I'm only 23. But i must admit, when u rambling on about how it not fair to say 40 is old:fuss: :fuss:, i did picture you where in your beach chair, sitting outside watching cars go while shaking you finger vigoursly and make the sound heeebeeeebeeeebeeeee
  2. I do that **** looks hard,

    the new retro boxed out look sucks.

    I especially hate the interior (dash) and uncomfortable looking pos seating.
  3. Anybody notice those drawing show the mustang with 4 exhaust outlets, two out the back and two out the side!
  4. Yeah, we all noticed, about 5 posts much?
  5. I think that thing is fugly.
  6. Is it just me or does that back end look like a Saturn?
  7. I guess it depends on what your definition of what an American is. Thai-Tang arrived in the US in 1975 when he was 9 years old and has been in the US for 29 years, over 3 times as many years as he spent in Vietnam.

    Edit: Just saw your post Shatner, looks like we agree again.

    Don't mean to rag on you Walt but your whole statement is kind of stupid as there were hundreds of people involved in the design and developlent of the Mustang.

    Thai-Tang is the Chief Engineer, he was not the stylist. There were a couple articles about who actually styled the exterior. Someone who has more energy can search for a link, but IIRC the primary exterior stylist was some hot rodder who grew up in California.
  8. Wouldn't it be cool if they built both Mustangs!

    The current production design (05) would be dubbed the Mustang Heritage model. And the Motor Trend concept would be the New Mustang.

    One draws from the style of the old Stangs and one moves to the new age with new technology and gadgets.

    But of course it would probably make no economic sense whatsoever. I think I just like the idea of having as many Stang choices as possible to collect for my garage.

    (Mossberg will now step away from teh crack pipe!)
  9. That was Ford Chief Designer Larry Erickson. He also did the styling on "Cadzilla" for ZZ Top. I don't know if he was primarily responsible for the concept or production car. Ultimately, he reports to Jay Mays.

    Edit: according to a Motor Trend article, the California design studio under Richard Hutting did the concepts cars and Erickson's team in Detroit did the production version.
  10. You are absolutely right. The styling of the car was done by Erickson and Mays. The Chief Engineer's role is to engineer the car.... not to style it.

    Thai-Tang's upbringing is an nice heartwarming story and Ford has gotten a lot of mileage out of it but I doubt if it played any role in him getting the job.

    What's more relevant is his experience on last major RWD platform (DEW98) and the fact that he was the Vehicle Engineering manager on Mustang during the Bullitt and Mach 1 development.

    From what I read, the guy is pretty sharp. Newman-Haas won the Championship when he was there and bombed the next year when he left. He also won an award from the Automotive Hall of Fame. Read this quote from an automotive journalist on the LS media drive: :nice:
  11. It looks like an Intrepid. Are you sure that wasnt theintrepid concept.... :rolleyes:
  12. It warms my heart to think the guy that had a hand in Nigel Mansell's CART championship is building my next car. :D
  13. That car looks like it could compete with the GTO.

    And, it looks like it has 4 exhaust tips. Two in the back, and it looks like it has side exhausts too.
  14. if the 2005 looked like that i would have bought my dream car (68gt390) four months ago. I love the 2005 and already have my order in. As per engineering, for those of you who dont know, the retro muscle car war has been started by the 2005 stang (i dont consider new gto a muscle car) but DAimler-chrysler dodge has something coming soon(retro) that matches the stangs retro look and out performs her (straightline anyway). With gas prices rising and the return of american performance cars it going to be a great (or painfull) display of how much we like speed here in north america. :banana:
  15. maybe I will buy a "Smart" car instead of the 05 Mustang, 700cc of pure nothing but gas miser :D .....