mounting engine to stand

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  1. On my enginge stand, the mounting plate, of course, rotates 360°. Which way should I bolt the engine onto it with the heads up? I know that I can just twiddle with it until the bolts line up, but I'm asking a coulpe of friends to lift and hold the block up so it can be bolted on, and didn't want to do a lot of twiddling causing them to have to hold it for a long time (not to mention adding more time for them to drop it).

    Should I have the plate in position 1 or 2 with the heads up?


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  2. Doesnt the mounting plate come out of the stand? bolt it to the engine first then slip in into the stand, no having to hold it that way while your trying to get the bolts in.

    thats the way mine works anyway
  3. Boy, I feel stupid now. Of course the mounting plate comes out. I hope that I'd been able to figure that one out on my own (had I not asked here) before I actually held it up there.


  4. Try and center the mounting shaft as close to the center of the cam as you can.. this make it much easier to turn motor over later
  5. bolts

    what size bolts do you need to mount the engine onto the stand.

    I forget, and I can't find the bolts I used last time, I just got my new stand and cherry picker and I need to get some bolts for the stand.


  6. Stand to block is 7/16 UNC

    I use old stock head bolts..