Mustang Fog Light Led Bulbs! Plug & Play Install! See Install Comparison Photos!

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    Mustang Fog Light LED Bulbs

    Ford Mustang Fog Light LED Bulbs - YouTube


    We carry LED bulbs for replacement of your fog lights, in all major sizes. They are available in HP, XP, and XML2 bulb models. This will make your fog lights a nice bright white, without the hassle of HIDs! Just simple plug and play, replace the bulb and you are good to go!

    We carry the brightest, highest-quality bulbs at the lowest prices. Your order will ship same day, and we're here if you need us for support and service. And we do not jack up the prices to astronomical levels- We're breaking that market trend, and offering you great, low prices, every day. These LED bulbs are designed by us here in St. Louis, and every bulb carries with it a three-year full warranty.

    HP48: 265 lumens. Slightly lower brightness than factory.
    XP80: 510 lumens. Similar brightness to factory.
    XML2: 1420 lumens. Much brighter than factory. These are bright!

    Lumens: BUYER BEWARE! Most sellers just provide "calculated" lumen numbers, based on the maximum potential brightness of the LED chips on the bulb. For example, if a bulb has five 10-lumen chips, they will rate it at 50 lumens. However, this is not accurate, as the design of an LED bulb does not get rid of heat fast enough to run the LEDs at maximum.

    These "calculated" lumen ratings are much, much higher than the true, measured light output, so it will look like competitors' bulbs are brighter than ours. This is because Diode Dynamics does not provide inflated "calculated" numbers; we believe it is misleading. We test the actual brightness of the bulbs in our lab, to provide real lumen output measurements. Our measurements are accurate, but they are usually much lower than the misleading "calculated" figures.

    Included in your order is TWO BULBS (to fit your Mustang).

    All of our products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year limited warranty.

    1994-2004 Fog Light LEDs

    2005-2012 Fog Light LEDs



    1994-2004 Fog Light LEDs

    2005-2012 Fog Light LEDs

    ***We have bulbs for GT500/Roush/Steeda/Saleen/California Special/Pony Package Fog Lights!!***

    Any questions, feel free to ask via email ([email protected]), Post, PM or call: (314) 205-3033

    *PM us for the free-shipping code* (U.S. forum members only)

    Nick C.
    Diode Dynamics

    Customer Submitted Photos:




    Customer Review:

    "Bought the stage 3 white for my 11 GT. Matches real nice with my 6k HID and installed in literally 5 minutes. Awesome addition to my car, def adds to the front end" (Posted on January 9, 2014)
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    4300K and 5000K XML2 options now in stock for most popular sizes!

    Nick C.
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    Diode Dynamics is pleased to announce a new color for our popular XML2 fog light -YELLOW! The XML2 utilizes genuine CREE XML2 components, for a true, measured output of 1,420 lumens. 100% plug-and-play. Sizes available include 9005, 9006, H8, H10, H11, H16, and PSX24W.

    Nick C.
  5. Yellow XML2's look great on this 2003 Terminator!


    2003-2004 SVT Cobra listings are being updated this week!

    Nick C.
  6. If you've taken pictures of your car with Diode Dynamics products installed, please send them to: [email protected]

    We enjoy seeing our customer's vehicles!

    Thank you,
    Nick C.

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    Diode Dynamics: NEW! Stage Series Light Bars

    Introducing STAGE SERIES LED lighting! Inspired by the needs of a professional rally driver, these light bars have been designed for maximum functionality, with compact size, cutting-edge TIR optics, and a useful beam pattern, all in a highly durable package.

    -Advanced TIR (total internal reflection) optic
    -Slim design, for easy mounting
    -Available in driving or wide beam patterns


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    Our Stage Series Light bars are available in Amber as well! Here's the Driving and Wide output comparison shots!

    Thank you,

    Nick C.
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    Diode Dynamics LED Fog Lights - Shelby GT500