Mustang History

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  1. I'm doing some research on the Mustang's heritage. I'm looking for websites that highlight specific makes such as the Boss 302/429, the Mach's, the Shelbys and so on. Whenever I put a search in, I keep getting webpages trying to sell aftermarket parts and such. What I'm looking for are articles on these cars.

    Any suggested websites would be appreciated. Perferably from well known/trusted sources. Thanks.
  2. There is a timeline on there of stangs through the years and they have info on there that tells years/models available/engines all that stuff. its a pretty cool site, definitely worth it to check it out :nice: The people on this site are awesome too, if you have any questions Im sure someone could help ya out!
  3. try the fordheritage website. There is a mustang heritage and it goes though the years talking about the changes. Also, like ned said is an even better one.