Mustang License Plate Leds! Plug & Play Install! See Install Comparison Photos!

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    Mustang License Plate LEDs


    License plate bulbs are used to illuminate the rear license plate on your vehicle. From the factory, the bulbs are incandescent, lighting up in a yellowish color.

    Newer luxury cars use LED modules to illuminate the license plate with modern, cool white light. By changing your license plate bulbs to LED, you can easily add this luxury look to your Mustang!

    The installation is 100% plug-and-play, just replace your factory bulb.

    With low price and easy install, this is one of the best, easiest modifications you can do to improve how your Mustang looks at night.

    Diode Dynamics offers several bulb options so you can choose what fits you best. These options are listed by the design and the lumen output of each bulb:

    2005-2009 Model Years

    SMD2: Slightly higher brightness than OEM bulbs. (24 lumens)
    HP3: Much brighter than OEM bulbs. These are bright! (56 lumens)
    HP5: Nearly triple the brightness of stock OEM bulbs!

    2010-2014 Model Years
    Slightly lower brightness than OEM bulbs, but still provides the crisp, modern color of LED. (16 lumens)
    SMF4: Slightly higher brightness than OEM bulbs. (56 lumens)

    Bulb Design

    SMD2: Similarly compact design, with two 5050-size Epistar SMD chips, driven at high power for maximum effective brightness. Outputs at 180 degrees.

    HP3: One high-power SMD under a diffusing lens for truly even output (no hotspots). Constant current design and air-cooled base for superior reliability. Features dual contact pins and nonpolar function for easy installation.

    HP5: Four high-power SMDs, under a diffusing lens. Just like the HP3, but run at higher power, with integrated copper plating for superior heat dissipation, allowing maximum brightness.

    SMF2: Compact design, with two 5050-size Epistar SMD chips on a standard festoon base. Directional output. Direct replacement, plug-and-play.

    SMF4: Similarly compact design, with four 5050-size Epistar SMD chips, for maximum effective brightness. Standard festoon base. Directional output. Direct replacement, plug-and-play.

    These bulbs are made up of a quality plastic connector to slide right into the plug, as well as high durability terminals. A load resistor is embedded to prevent blowing the LEDs from voltage surge, and a diode is implanted to protect the LEDs from reverse polarity. The LED is wired for 12V operation, the kind found on all vehicles.

    All of our products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year limited warranty.

    2005-2009 License Plate LED

    2010-2014 License Plate LEDs

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post, PM, or Email [email protected]

    *PM us for the free-shipping code* (U.S. forum members only)

    Thanks for looking!
    Nick C.
    Diode Dynamics

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  2. no fox love?
  3. Unfortunately we have not been able to find a fox body to come in for fitment testing yet! We hope to have one soon.

  4. How much HP does this add? :D
  5. Around 6. 10 with the right supporting mods...

  6. the way I drive I would prefer people not being able to easily see my licence plate :)
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  7. Stage 1 is about the same as OEM, only looks way better because it's crisp white LED

    -Nick C.
  8. fox fitment yet?
  9. We have everything you need for the Fox bodies, shoot me a PM with the locations you want to switch out with LEDs.

    I'd like to get an all original fox body in at the shop so we can get more pictures for you guys! Ahem...STL fox body owners

    Nick C.
  10. I was just thinking the same thing.

    An application with a control for [almost off] to [I'm pulled over bright] would be great.
  11. 194_collage_2014.jpg

    The newly designed HP5 is now in stock!

    Send us a PM for free-shipping! (U.S. only)

    Nick C.

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  12. Our 194 HP3 and HP5 LEDs are now available in 4000K / 5000K / 6000K Color Temperatures

    Nick C.
  13. PM responses have been sent!

    Thank you,
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  16. Please send us a PM to receive the free-shipping code!

    (U.S. members only)

    Thank you!
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