Mustang wrecked, has this ever happened to you?

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  1. I was involved in a wreck where some old guy came off a side street and hit me. :nonono: He screwed up the right side of my car, bent my axle, and my engine runs like crap. Two wheels are also done.
    I find that he has no insurance. If I use my company, USAA, I will have to pay a 1000.00 deductable for them to handle it.
    A few questions:
    -Will I have to just sue the guy? (Small claims court?)
    -will a bent axle affect my newly installed 4.10's?
    -why does my engine not run right?

    The guy already told me "I dont even have money to fix my car"
  2. sounds like a suit to me. youll have to take his other things if he has no money :(
  3. Like his bingo winnings and Matlock VHS Collection. :nonono:
  4. well they gotta be worth something :shrug:
  5. Yup, take him to court. They will get the money from him, one way or another. Isn't it the law to have insurance where you live?
  6. Stuff like this really eats me up. If he couldn't afford insurance, he's either too high risk to get insurance or he's too poor to cover his own mistakes. Either way, there's no way he should have been driving without insurace.

    Sorry for your loss. Take him for what you can, but it doesn't sound like you're going to get much from him. :mad: Good luck.
  7. i would bet your engine is running bad because during the accident your inetria switch was tripped !!!!!

    the same exact thing happened to me a while back ...... well other than the no insurance deal .

    and your gears should be ok we pulled mine out and put em in my dads car .

    if your quarter panel was hit bad you can probally plan on the car being totaled
  8. If the inertia switch got tripped i dont believe the car would be running at all.
  9. I did the same thing...

    I sued a guy in small claims court for hitting my 86 GT. He was driving with no insurance which was legal back then.

    He filed for bankruptcy 2 days before we filed for suit :mad:

    Needless to say, 10 years later we still haven't seen adime and never will.
  10. In short, I'd say you're pretty much screwed. This is why I firmly believe it should be perfectly legal to drag some types of people out in the street and bludgeon them to death with a random blunt object. People who drive without insurance and/or a license not only are unworthy of owning a car, but also unworthy of life because of how they can totally screw over someone else's life with their idiocy.
  11. i got nailed by a uninsured driver. He never came to court, fled back to mexico. I GOT SCREWED!
  12. Are you guys telling me that there are still places where you can legally drive without insurance? Damn, where I come from it's a huge fine, and I would simply have to report the accident and you can bet he would be charged and possibly have his license taken away. At least if I can't get any money from him, I can screw him royaly. Doesn't coverage against uninsured drivers cover the deductible?
  13. sue him see what happens theres not much else you can do, unfortunatly. ive been in two accidents they are the worst, but you dont know what kind of money he really has, he can have $15,000 in stocks and bonds in some account he doenst want touched...go for it and just keep your hopes up
  14. In the cluster**** I was involved in, the a$$clown turned left in front of me and I couldn't stop in time. Yes...he had no insurance. I had a high deductible at that time as well. The insurance company needs to step up and help you. Call your agent, be polite but demanding about them helping you. You pay a lot of money to them, now it's their turn to do what they get paid for. The insurance company shouldn't remove the deductible from you, they need to be the ones to sue the at-fault person..not you.

    Also, contact you states insurance commisioners office and ask them if there is ANYTHING that can be done to the person that caused this. I was able to fill out the correct paperwork and have the jerk-nut's liscense suspended for 5 years or until he made it right with me. Yeah..I did it!! and no, he didn't have a liscense for five years.

    He cost me a car, I hope he wasn't able to get work during that time!!

    Bottom line...get your insurance company involved and do the job they are paid for.

    I'm not bitter about still....:rolleyes:
  15. Find out where he lives, and watch a few epasodes of the Sopranos for tips on how to get money out of him.

    88GT had the right idea.
  16. In ontario if you get caught driving with no insurance its an automatic 5000$ fine and you get your licence suspended.

    I had no idea driving without insurance was legal anywhere.
  17. here in jersey its not really "legal" but there is a provision in everyones insurance that accounts for being involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist. im not sure what the penalty is if you are caught without insurance or if its REQUIRED to have uninsured motorist coverage on your car, but i know it exists. jersey is the land of high car insurance rates. blah.
  18. I know he is retired Air Force, so thtas goota get me something. You know, the point is, get freakin insurance.This guy obviously had some sense of honor to be in the military, so why not insurance! Im not happy with taking a vet to court, but Im also not happy with not squeling the tires on my stang. I found out the guys on probation, I wonder if I should call his probby?
    He also told bystanders it was my fault.....
  19. Take him to court and steal his next few pension cheques from the old lying bastard.
  20. I dont think it matters at all if its your fault or his... The fact that he has no insurrance makes him liable, because he shouldnt be on the road at all! Even if he was parked at a red light, you ran it, passed him, backed up, and ran straight into him intentionally I think he's still at fault for being there.