My 03 Has a Leak....

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by COBRyan, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. I have had this leak for a few weeks now but it only seems to appear once a week though. I will drive my car for a while, then the next day there will be fluid all over my driver side exhaust pipe (where the cat would be on the x pipe). Then I will wipe it off and there will be no fluid for days. Well today it was covered again . I have put my car on ramps and tried looking everywhere. I have no idea where the leak is coming from. There is no fluid trail on the exhaust, nothing on the tranny, nothing on the driveshaft! I dont know what it is, but I am getting worried because it leaked significantly last night. It's not power steering fluid, but it almost looks like brake fluid just darker. I just changed my oil, but this fluid is too dark to be new motor oil. Any ideas??? I am almost beginning to believe it might have leaked down the firewall and dripped from the subframe onto the exhaust. Not sure though.
  2. Does it look misted on?? if it does it is just insignificant amount in most cases tranny fluid coming out where the yoke is stuck in the tranny.
  3. its definitely a strong leak! I belive it may be coming from the firewall then leaking form the subframe onto the exhaust. Where the leak is I dont know
  4. Definately sounds like tranny fluid. The same thing happened to my Jeep GC. I went off roading and afterwards we stopped (it was smoking) and after maybe 10 minutes there was a large puddle of tranny fluid. It was leaking from the very front of the tranny. If I were you I would have it checked next time it happens, because it cost me $1700 to not notice it.
  5. I am sure you still have a warranty. Take it in for this
  6. Well I just went under the car again, and still could not find any fluid around the engine, tranny, or driveshaft. In fact, it still looks as clean as it did brand new! I do see a lot of grease and dirt coming down the firewall. I think maybe something from the power steering or brake booster thing may be the culprit. I have no idea though. Any other ideas?

  7. Prolly tranny fluid like eveybody else said. I had my seal replaced withing 8 months of owning my 02. It leaked all over the H-pipe and smoked.
  8. I know I am dumb, but what color is tranny fluid??
  9. Looks like PS fluid, maybe slightly darker...