My '69 Convertible was Overhauled

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  1. I saw that episode as well. Really, really cool car! Too bad my "Vert wasn't as solid as yours. We had to re-rail & re-floor the car before we could do anything else.

    Enjoy it when you get it back!

    (I wonder if they can overhaul my Cobra, since it's still just a running chassis again?)
  2. Wow! I love it. Just like everyone else said, the FB quarters and trunk deck really make the car stand out.

    You are one lucky guy.

    I haven't seen this episode yet. Can someone post before the next rerun?

  3. guys, thanks for all the kind words!! this forum rules :) im glad i found it.

    to answer a few questions... when i first found out the car was gone it crossed my mind that it might be overhaulin'... but then i thought that there was just no way... i really couldnt understand someone wanting to steal my car since it was in such bad shape.. but then again the pieces were in place that made me think it was real... i had the car parked in the alley outside of the garage just a few weeks earlier where people could have seen it, and our garage door box blew up when i left the opener in my pants and it went through the washer a few months earlier so that garage door was busted and i thought i may not have locked it right... also i hadnt seen the show for a long time and i thought they used fake cops, and the cops that were there were real.. so i just had no clue. Not only that, my wife and me tell eachother EVERYTHING and the fact that she played like she had no idea made me think it was real... but on the last day when i got to that parking lot i did start noticing a few things that made me suspicious... something just felt weird.. then when i saw chip pull up i knew what was going on hehe :)

    I am so greatful for all this i still cant believe it. I can't understand why anyone would ever sell their overhaulin' car unless it meant a life or death financial crisis or something. I will pass it on to my kids someday.

    Still no word on when i'll get it back but im still hoping for this month!!!! i cant wait.

    more to come soon...
  4. They were just testing the waters. They didn't even have a garage at their house. It was converted to a room. So the car sat here at the shop. They didn't have the resources to deal with the problems that they encountered. They didn't have a vehicle to tow it around to shows etc. So they opted to sell it. They got $130k from someone! The kid spent his share in under 30 days. What a waste!
  5. dsnow,

    We have a small, but good bunch of 69 'Vert owners here. If Pak ever re-surfaces, and finishes his 69, it runs a similar concept, though he did the Shelby Rear treatment to spice it up.

    Enjoy it here!
  6. I'm a huge fan of the show and Chip Foose as well. Congrats! Your car is one of their nicest builds.
  7. That's good to hear! Enjoy it!

    Expect a few problems to work through. Hopefully they'll be minor. Nobody can build a car in 7 days without some problems. Their so called safety inspection is basically nut & bolting the car if you're lucky.

    IMO a small price to pay for an absolutely beautiful car!
  8. I would love to see some pics of Pak's '69 as I also have the Shelby conv on my '70 fb. It was done prior to my owning the car and I assume is the same as his but I'll have to admit that while I like the fact that it's different, I am planning on reverting it back to the original tail panel and lights. I don't like the way the license plate lights are designed or the flip down holder. I also really like the regular '70 lights and gas cap.
  9. I'm also a huge fan of the show and rarely miss the show. i've hinted to my wife and kids to submit my 66 coupe but i doubt Overhaulin would ever come to a small Alabama town to do a show. congrats and your car looks GREAT!
  10. Jay

    Did the 514 Gambler break the bank on the taxes that they had to pay? Is that one of the reasons that they sold? I'm not sure how that works, I'd sell my neighbors kids for the tax money if that was the case.

    DS- Man, that is a purdy vert.
  11. Taxes

    Nah. They didn't receive the car until the new year, so the taxes were not the biggest issue on the front side. They just figured everyone in the family could own one for the price of selling one. Personally, I'm one for quality, not quantity.

    I'm not completely sure how the taxes work either? The majority of the parts are donated to the show. A majority of the man hours are even donated. Technically, you already own the car. So how are you suppose to pay taxes on a car you already own, or with parts that were given to you that didn't cost anyone a dime?

    If the car's titled in your name and is registered, there wouldn't be a dmv issue.

    It's basically a gift!

    California laws are pretty tricky. Some even unconstitutional (ie interstate commerce). I would like to know how this plays out!
  12. I think there must be some kind of tax issue, because at least early on there were a couple "cosmetic-only" builds. The yellow and gray Olds 442 was the one I remember. It looked great, but rather than a new motor and trans, they just steam cleaned it and added valve covers. Just like any one of us would do on a tight budget.
  13. Can you send them over here to the east coast? I have a 68 coupe that needs some work!
  14. Chip Foose
    Hear my prayer
    Please steal my 1966 Restomod
    And give it some flair


    You are one lucky SOB to have:

    A) A wife that would do that for you
    B) A location close enough to Foose and to the shop so they would consider doing your car

    I live in Dallas/Ft. Worth way they would ever come out here..

    Congrats man...from one forum newbie to another.
  15. congrats on the car, i DVRed your show and when i saw it I was like HOLY SH** that cars
  16. I saw that episode the other day. All I have to say is WOW!
  17. Top notch! Where do I deliver my Eye Teeth.
  18. hey dave,
    sorry to bring up an old thread, but damn, they did an awesome job on this car! (I just watched the episode today, suprisingly I havent seen it yet.. im a huge fan of the show) I love everything about it, it just flows so great. I love the black, and the red really sets the car off and gives it some depth. The quarter and decklid mods are just phenominal and that leather interior is very impressive. The stroker motor is beautiful (although, I dont know why they decided to ditch the 351 and go for a 302 based motor, but still very nice) Like others have said, usually theres one thing or another that I dont completely love on the overhauled cars, but this one is just sick :nice: take good care of her, you deserve it! you seem like a awesome guy and I know you will kill before this car leaves your possesion ;)