My automatic hit 200RWHP N/A

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by scrming, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. So good you had to post it here too huh? lol
  2. I know... i really should be keeping the MRT exhaust a secret!!! LOL! But it's too good not to share will all my V6 brothers and sisters! LOL
  3. I've said it once, I'll say it twice "Awesome John... nice power gain on that new muffler :nice: "
  4. im suprised that the switch made that much power!! congrats!! :nice:
  5. About time you put this on other threads!!! Again, I'm impressed and congrats. Oh yea,

    post the John happy dance video!
  6. so it was intake/tune/mrt muffler that put down that power?
  7. He has a pulley too.
  8. You aren't the only one! The Magnaflow is a "straight-through" design... so make me think that all that science mumbo-jumbo at is the real thing! LOL!

    I actually felt the car pull stronger in the upper RPMS... I mentioned that to Lidio before we did our pulls.. When the 200 came up on the screen we were both like in total disbelief...the Lidio say "If your butt dyno says there's a gain and my dyno says there's a gain... then there's a gain!" He then kind of threw his arms up and laughed!

    Check out the exhaust sticky for some new videos!
  9. i saw those. sounds good and shifts NOW! just missed the entertaining chirps. you know thats what we live for!! j/k
  10. Yeah, i had Lidio set my shift firmness to "Barbaric" LOL! The car will chirp given the right surface.. LOL! On the "front" video I chirped the tires on take off with out trying.. wasn't a hard launch or anything... kind of surprised me... LOL

  11. didnt u say with the deal bama chip is having with the intake/tune that 200 is a goal that is reachable? and he needs exhaust and pulley? does automatic trannies really hurt power to the wheels that bad?
  12. Speaking of your pulley, John, what is Lidio's take on that? You replaced the alternator pulley, and then switched it back, and then went with the harmonic balancer pulley, right? Can you explain a little more about your pulleys? I want one and am not sure which one will be better, the alternator or the harmonic. If you don't mind, could you share your reasons for choosing one above the other?

    Thanks, John, you are our inspiration and leading the charge of the S-197 V6!
  13. ok... we seen a 3 to 5 RWHP gain by swapping out the alternator pulley with a new one from PHP.. Later we put on the ASP crank pulley and seen 0 gain... Doug seen about a 4RWHP gain with the ASP.. My problem is we ended up with a dead battery so i couldn't run both the alternator pulley and the ASP crank pulley... well, the alternator pulley is a LOT simpler to swap than the crank pully... so we swapped that instead of swapping the ASP pulley... oh well... live and learn... LOL

    and thanks for the compliments!
  14. There is about a 18% to 20% loss of power with an automatic... Manual is in the 12% to 15%...
  15. so is what rygen said correct? 200 horses is doable with the bamachip tune(r) and intake combo?
  16. I don't think just a tune and intake can get you to 200RWHP... you'll need to do at least the exhaust... possibly a pulley...
  17. WOW! Thats not sure an NPI auto GT would put that down with those few of mods. I bet you could match a 99-04 auto convertable GT N/A. On the spray you could take the adverage 99-04 M5 GT. And even/beat a new 05-06 M5 GT.

    VERY VERY impressive...Ford 6 cylinders arent what they used to be :D.
  18. let me re-read the PM just to make sure what he said.
  19. he was saying that with the "TI kit" which comes with NGK plugs, intake, pro tune, and other than stock muffler it would brake 200.