Roush My baby is gone! :(

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  1. seriously I feel like crying for you....I know how hard it is to lose a mustang you love; and it makes it worse that it's both important to you and your family history and a rare car. I seriously hope the stang is recovered and the theives PAY big time.

    I beleive in karma or the 3 fold law (thus 3x3 in my user name) they WILL get back 3x whatever they dish out.
  2. Wow. I truly pray that you find it and the thieves do time over it. It's sad how much of this nonsense happens!
  3. I appreciate that, I will find it...somehow, somewhere!
  4. There is a big Mustang show at Mustangs Unlimited in CT this weekend.
    Wouldnt be a bad Idea to make up some "missing person" flyers with a pic and discription of the car and pass them around at the show.
    The car has to be sitting in a garage somewhere. If it was stripped and dumped, the cops would have found it by now.
    I figure whoever took it, there friends or girl or mom or some one close to them knows about the car, Someone besides who stole it.

    That Detective should have called you back, crappy that he didnt.
    But realisticly, the cops cant do much to find it, just enter it into the computer as stolen and hope someone runs the plate. Most people dont want there car back after its stolen, they just want a check from the insurance company.
    Did you get anywhere with the video cameras in the area?
  5. Sorry to hear about your car. Good luck!
  6. So i guess no progress has been made yet? This just makes me crazy so i cannot even imagine how you feel.
    Have you asked the banks or gas station if they have video feed of the parking lots or streets? Dont give up on looking for it bro. You can count on the fact that we wont stop looking.
  7. Just read through this thread. Damn man, I really hope things work out for you. That car's gotta mean so much to you. I hope those thieves are caught, punished, and you get what's yours back in rightful hands. Good luck, I'll keep my eyes peeled, although being in Florida won't help too much.
  8. How have the insurance folks been treating you?
  9. Is it still missing?
    Here is a red 88 with a sunroof for sale in Maryland.

    1988 saleen mustang 5.0 #341

    I know the interior is grey instead of red, but you never know.
  10. wow sorry to hear