My First Foxbody

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  1. Just got an 88 gt. Needs a lil tlc. Like a clutch and brakes, headlights, taillights. Was wondering what was the cheapest route to do the 5 lug conversion. Any ideas or advice would be helpful.
  2. #1 on the list- get rid of that intake. Those BBK intakes are just terrible. Have any gas or vacuum leaks?

    Then fix all the known problems- clutch, headlights, tailights brakes before anything else.

    Cheapest 5 lug is a junkyard swap from a 94-96 mustang, or if you want new- LMRS sells a kit- 5 lug front rotors, 5 lug rear axles and drums. They also give a 5% discount to Stangnet members. @Jarrod@latemodel

    Do you have pulleys on the car? I see a stock 75 amp alternator. Do you have charging problems?
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  3. LMRS also has the headlights etc
  4. tail lights as well
  5. T'was part of the etc ;)
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  6. I just assumed you like the altezza HA-HA o_O
  7. Ha not me man.
  8. I don't see how people make the mistake of putting those on. I guess they look alright on the inter-web. RETURN TO SENDER, RETURN TO SENDER! HA.
  9. Are they cheaper than oem type? I don't even like '96 tail lights on '95s. Keep it "natural"
  10. Yea, they run about $100 as where stock 87-93 are about $210. Hell though 84-85 tails are $150 just for the lenses :bang:
  11. Man I need one new taillight on my fox. I guess the guy who had it before me broke one and didnt replace both so now I have one newish looking one and a dingy one. Sucks
  12. Below the last pic of the op's car is an ad for the fiat 500, it kinda looks like its another one of his pics and he's showing off his fiat
  13. If it's the lens you could just replace the lens... $70 a pop.
  14. Cool I gotta get one
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  15. :welcome:To:SN:Looks like a nice car. I've always liked the blue/silver two tone gts. One personal critique is I'd get rid of the black wheels(just a personal preference) and like mike said those bbk intakes are junk
  16. Just curious, what's the deal w the bbk's? Why are they so bad?
  17. ^ It's UGLY!!! Nice car man
  18. So are explorers but they work. Does the bbk have issues besides cosmetics?
  19. I'm assuming they aren't true. As in shotty metal work so they tend to leak? Just a guess though.
  20. Read mikes quotes/questions above. I've heard they're prone to leaks and they don't flow as much as a good intake. I also have seen some tfs Intakes that weren't square at the ports. I suppose it could happen with any aftermarket item. You would think the quality control on the higher volume company's would be better than it seems to be. But that also seems to be the times we live in