My First Mustang! Which One......

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  1. Newbie here. I've been wanting a Mustang convertible(must have) for some time now and I'm tired of waiting. I think I've narrowed it down to the 3.7 v6 or a 2003-04 Cobra. I honestly think I could live without the extra power in the cobra but....would be nice. I've got an 01 cbr929 so I know what warp speed is like, but it's not a necessity.

    I've seen some low mileage v6 for $17-20k and a couple cobras less than 70k miles about the same, if not a little less.

    I found one cobra under 70k stock except for CAI, from a dealer in supposed "excellent" condition. He wanted over 20k, I told him 15k, then he said 17K.

    I'm really torn between the two. 1 year old pretty fast car less than 10k, or 9 year old super fast sweet car with almost 70k. View attachment 128844
  2. The S-197 is a much better car then the SN-95 so if power is not a main concern the go with the newer one.
  3. It sounds like your speed lust is met by your bike, so go with the V6. I liked both of my SN-95s, but the thing that always kept me from the 03-04 Cobra was the wheel hop and IRS.
  4. The newer V6's are pretty nicely powered. I'd go with that if speed really isn't your goal right now.
  5. What makes you want a Mustang? Hard to say which will scratch your itch better. New S197s are nice, tight, comfortable and much more modern than the cobra. Great performance for a v6, and handle very good for what they are. Great, comfortable road trip car. It has a little get-up-and-go, but you'll never be a stop light hero.

    .That said, the Cobra is a great performer, much more rare, and is one of the legendary mustangs. It's going to hold value, and be a car that turns heads and makes you giggle. It is feels much smaller and lighter, and feels more nimble. All else being equal, I'd by the Cobra. I know you have the bike to scratch the speed itch, but sometimes you don't know when that itch is going to strike. I can't imagine "wanting a Mustang convertible for quite some time" and not being a bit of a performance junkie.

    If you buy the cobra and a year from now find you don't like the power and older car feel, you can get out of it with little or no loss, and either buy a used 197 or possibly even grab a 2015, if you want tone part of the next big thing. If you start with the newer car, you'll have a hard time recovering your purchase price.

    either way, you're going to have a great car.
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  6. I don't see how you can go wrong with either choice. I guess the big question is what will the Mustang be used for, drag racing, track days, recreation etc. With the IRS, the Cobra might be a better choice for track day events. If you are just wanting a convertible for nice days and enjoyment, then the V6 should satisfy.

    The power aspect of either car could be addressed with any number of modifications and tuning. The Cobra is more powerful stock with IRS and some better seats. The V6 is a new chassis, with more improvments, and would be easier to deal with on a daily basis.
  7. One of the reasons for wanting the mustang is simple, I like how it looks. I like both the 4th & 5th gen looks. SURE, I would love a late 60s one or a mach 1, but nice ones are just too much. Same with late 60s Camaro(probably 1st choice). Maybe someday.

    Now I'm leaning back towards the cobra, but finding a low mileage one seems quite a bit more money. All the ones I'm seeing around 30k miles or so, are over 20 grand, more like 22-23 grand.
  8. I always want a mustang waiting for it from a long time a great fan of this car and its voice..........
  9. I've never really heard anyone cross-shop these, as a new V6 and an SVT Cobra are two completely cars. It depends on what you need in a car.

    SVT will be much faster obviously. At the same time, the SVT will get terrible fuel economy, and generally be more expensive to run an maintain, since parts will cost more, and particularly since it is already 10 years old and has a good number of miles on it. The SVT is also more brutal to drive.

    So if you are looking for an affordable daily driver, get the new V6. If you are looking for a weekend toy that you will only drive occasionally and only for certain purposes, and don't mind having to spend some money on it from time to time, that would be the SVT.

    If cost is a concern, I'd recommend the newer V6.
  10. Keep shopping around, a good deal will show up. I got an 06' Mustang GT with 26k miles, the dealer wanted 20k, I hit him low with a 15.5, and he was like, 16 is the lowest I'll go, and I said DEAL. Drove it away the same day.
  11. Nice deal.
  12. Pulled the trigger on an 03 cobra with just under 18000 miles. "Appears" to be in EXCELLENT condition. Got it for 19k. Waiting for delivery.
  13. Congrats! Let's see pics!
  14. Can't wait! Already has quite a few mods so it's gonna be interesting to see if everything was done good.

    I'm thinking I'm gonna start with the Stifflers FIT system, strut tower brace, and lower chassis brace(if needed). I thought I read somewhere the stock vert lower chassis brace was strong enough. And full tilt boogie racing Complete IRS Bushing Kit FT5001 & a stronger diff cover. View attachment 126100

  15. Looks good!
  16. Nice car !! I love my convertible