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  1. These arrived while I was out of town at TX2K13! Which was FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!

    VRS Polished SS mandrel bent 3" tailpipes

    Now I just need a 3" x-pipe and 3" mufflers to complete the exhaust system.

    Does anybody know if the Jones Full Boar mufflers that LMR sells is just a no-name brand Flowmaster? Do they sound just like Flowmasters? If they sound exactly like Flowmasters then those will be the mufflers I get because they cost half the price as Flowmasters and they come in 3".

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  2. oh so nice how much where those?
  3. Not to rain on your parade...................but good luck with that! :rolleyes:....these projects always seem to take longer than we plan or wish.
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  4. I'm well aware...I was saying the same thing last year! So, I think it might be a little more realistic this year. lol :D
  5. There was a group purchase through the guys over on Corral. They take 5 orders at a time. It was $260 + $25 shipping. Took exactly 2 weeks from the date the money was sent.
  6. Got the car back from the shop today here's what was done.

    Subframe connectors...does anybody else's full length subframe connectors come that low toward the back? None of my previous mustangs had SFCs so I have no idea how much you should or shouldn't be able to see them from the side of the car. :shrug:

    Torque box reinforcements(inside the car). They're bolted and welded.

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  7. Well, thanks for raining on my parade, Bullit347...j/k It's May 29th and the block is still at the machine shop. I talked to the machinist today and he said the block is getting bored as we speak and he started the balancing process(weighed everything). So, the block may not be finished for a couple more weeks....I guess. I'm not really rushing him because I have to dip into my car budget because our refrigerator is about to crap out on us. So, I won't have the money to finish right now anyway. I also haven't had the time to do anything else to the car this semester because there just isn't enough hours in the day....and I don't keep the car at my house. If I kept it at my house it wouldn't be as far along as it is. Well anyway, I kinda don't want to set another completion goal because whenever I do that I never meet that goal. So I'll just keep yall posted with my progress and I'll pray for more patience.
  8. Yeah I can't meet my completion goals. my car was supposed to be a one year project and I'm almost at two years. I've learned to just be patient and I will work on it whenever I feel like it lol. it'll get done someday and it'll be worth it
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  9. I am in the same boat right now.......................Currie sent me axles for my rear diff, I read them the specs from the original build sheet when they built the rear end several years ago. The spec sheet had a typo and one axle came 2" to long. Another example on this build, Aerospace Components sold me a electric water pump that was said to clear the Jesel belt drive....except it didn't come with the correct adapters, which in the end was not the reason for returning it, turns out my crank pulley was to large in dia. to use it anyway. I ordered the wrong rear disc brake kit from Wilwood, another setback, I went to install the Aerospace Components front drag brake package to find out it did not fit the Bear Brakes aluminum hubs from when I put a big brake kit on years ago........and the correct hub required different spindles, which required different coil over struts........the 4R70W trans I bought had to be taken out of the car before it was even started because the trans builder found out that it possibly modified wrong.........I could go on with a few more examples, but you can see why I said that these projects take longer than we expect them to.
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  10. Well, my set backs haven't mushroomed quite as much as yours but it is a little discouraging. I heard that sometimes the Scat cranks need a lot of weight added to get a good balance. I just hope mine doesn't since I have big pistons. *crossing my fingers* I heard the weights are pretty pricey.
  11. Yeah I thought mine was gonna be a year until I had everything totally apart did I realize what I was in for biggest set back was the fact of how long the machine shop had the motor 7 months
  12. My race engine was done in 10 weeks, a lot of that time was due to parts being ordered and shipped to the machine shop. It helped that I paid for 80% of the build up front that way the machine shop did not have to out of pocket any of the parts needed. Mind you I started with a new block, heads ect. Not one single item was a used part. I only supplied the new Trick Flow R lower intake manifold.
  13. Only parts they needed to order was the bottom end but his excuse was Ross wasn't contacting him about the pistons and all. My machinist did have his work cut out for him because the block had to be bored out past .030 over to around .035 because the previous owner thought he knew what he was doing and all the cylinders were different and .035 got it all even so he needed file fit rings which he said took a little while and he was also building his motor for engine masters
  14. Well, I wasn't in a mad rush. I had a goal of getting the car running but by me being in school this semester just completely took away my free time. And like MikeH686, my machinist has his work cut out for him. Everything I brought him, all the way down to the bolts, is brand new in the box except the timing cover but the block was a standard bore 8.2" Dart Sportsman block and my rotating assembly originally had standard bore 342 pistons. I decided that I wanted to "go big or go home". That's partly what drove the price up some. Also the rotating assenmbly needed to be balanced. My friend that recommended this machinist/engine builder told me not to tell him to take his time because he will TAKE HIS TIME. I didn't tell him to take his time but I told him I wasn't in a mad rush either. So, I'll call him this week and let him know I'd like to get it back by the end of the month. It seems like my completetion date may be push as far back as the Fall now due to the few inconveniences that have popped up. :shrug:
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  15. It'll get done man just don't rush it when you start rushing is when you'll mess something up
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  16. It doesnt take 5 months to build a SBF these people are crazy! My builder had my 408 built in 3 weeks and that included a crap load of port work to the heads (thanks to going cheap and getting pro comp heads which are really nice if you plan on dumping $600 in machine work to them to fix the issues)
  17. *UPDATE*
    Just got the call yesterday that my shortblock is done. I'll post pics once I pick it up.
  18. Look what I picked up today!! :cool: :banana:



    I know they're not the clearest but I was in a hurry. I'll be taking some better shots later.
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  19. Dart blocks are so purdy. What displacement did you wind up going with?
  20. 363