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  1. well, when your buying knick knacks, who cares what the cost
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  2. looks like its going to be one hell of a car.
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  3. Thanks. I just want a respectable weekend street machine. I'm just finally doing it the right way. :cool:
  4. Well, I got my rearend back today.

    In case you missed it, it's got a 31-spline Auburn diff., Moser 31-spline fox-length Auburn specific axles(didn't know the axles had to be specific if you use an Auburn diff...thanks Jegs), 3.73 gear, and the axle tubes are welded. I didn't put in the UCA bushings because I'm planning to get....


    Actually, I plan to get this whole kit.:banana: They have an ARB that clears tailpipes.
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  5. UPDATE - Fuel system is ordered!
    This is the fuel system from High Flow Performance I ordered

    These are the Glenn's Performance fuel rails I ordered
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  6. I like the fuel rails! I've always had to weld the fitting on the passenger side rail myself. It's nice that someone finally offers it the way it needs to be!!!
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  7. My fuel system arrived today! :banana:

    They said the fuel pump will come tomorrow. I don't know why they sent it seperately. :shrug:
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  8. Well my car is back on the ground. I put the rearend in it today so it can be moved to an indoor location to be put back together. I test fitted some Weld Pro Stars with 295/55/15 M/T drag radials. I like the look. I think I will definately go with this size tire. I didn't think they would fit but they did! :banana:

    At first they rubbed on the inner wheel well a little bit but then I realized I didn't have any rear brakes on yet :doh:so I put a 1/4" spacer on and it fit great. This is the pic without the spacer....and no drums...nothing... just straight on the axle.

    Here is another angle

    This is the best rear shot I could get because the trailer was in the way.

    Hopefully more updates will be rolling in pretty steadily because I pretty much have everything I need to start getting her back together. I am still waiting for my new TKO600 and installation kit from American Powertrain. I'll be ordering my clutch, shifter, alternator, ignition, electric fan, c/c plates, and bumpsteer kit in the next week or so. Hopefully the tranny will show up by the time all that stuff arrives. :shrug:
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  9. Link to where the fuel system stuff came from ?
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  11. cool thanks pal !
  12. No problem
  13. nice build man....!....going to be a beast!.....i should open up some of my boxes and get to it
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  14. X2! I've got about 1400$ of suspension/brakes/torque boxes in the garage. Man it's been a long winter. Great job Stangboy! I really like the wheels/tires
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  15. Well look what showed up today.....FINALLY!!

    I'll be mocking up most of the fuel system this upcoming week. I will be modifiying the under-the-hood part of the system so the regulator can be on the return side of the system instead of the feed side like it's prefabricated to be. I guess that's how they were about to keep the cost down on a nice quality, complete fuel system. I'm looking at over $200 in other fuel system parts like fittings, adapters, Y-block and -6 and -8 hose. :dammit: ONE DAY I might actually start turning some wrenches on this thing.:shrug:
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  16. Well, I did a little bit to the car Wednesday night. I intended on mocking up part of the fuel system but the whole undercarriage of the car is so FLITHY I couldn't bring myself to put my pretty fuel lines on that crap. So I just removed the old stock fuel lines and put in the new fuel pump hanger and new fuel level sensor along with the new harness for them. I didn't use the fuel pump that came with the fuel system because I know for sure that my Aeromotive Stealth 340 flows more at all levels and pressures. I'll just keep the new one as a spare...for now anyway. They advertised that it flows 340lph with this fuel system. Maybe this weekend I'll remove the engine wiring harness then roll the car out and pressure wash the undercarriage and engine bay. I just cleaned the plastic gas tank cover and I'll be painting it black just to make it look new.

    As you may have guessed I don't have any pics to post from Wednesday night. I refuse to embarass myself like that.
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  17. Cool to see you back at it man.
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  18. Who is the old guy at the front of the car, airing up the tire?
  19. That's my buddy who's house the car was at. Now it's that his other house where his son lives because his son cleared out the garages. So now me and our other buddy that's doing a Terminator swap into his 93 notch can work on our cars indoors.:banana:

    Actually the Welds that I test fitted on my car are for that old guy. They were on his twin turbo 05 mustang GT. I just asked his if he'd mind if I tried'em on right quick.
  20. Well, I haven't done anymore to the car yet. Once I finish with finals and graduation I'll be able to devote more time and energy to it. But through the power of bartering I will get my buddy's complete 93 dash and steering wheel/column. Oh did I mention that it's black? :banana: He already gave me the engine harness now I'll have everything else including the HVAC that is under the dash. Even though the only thing that was wrong with mine was that I couldn't turn the temp control to heat....which wouldn't have gotten used much anyway. A/C is most important here in NOLA. We seem to use it a/c year-round. But anyway, I won't have that minor problem anymore. :nice:

    On a bit of a negative note I have to bring my rearend back because something ain't right with it. When I put it in and moved the car you can hear the gears turning from inside the car. When I jacked it up and turned the wheels by hand you can hear AND feel it while turning the wheels. The shop that built it said it could just be the clutches in the diff but the last time I checked the stock diff has clutches too and I've never heard or felt this in any other rearend before. Are Auburn diffs like that or was my rearend just build wrong or half-assed?