1. Hey all,
    I'm a three timer, first an '81 2.3, then an '85, now an '89.
    I'm a bit disappointed to see no recent threads discussing the merits of different brands and sizes of V8s to swap in.
    2.3 can't do it for me. I stuck a 350 chev in the '85, and my '89 is getting an LS1. If this interests ya, or the "new hemi", lemme hear from ya. peace.
  2. Good for you...thanks for the obvious troll attempt.
  3. obvious troll attempt? What?
    I joined the 4 big forums for mustangs, knowing there's at least one other guy in this country who's in favor of chevy engines in foxstangs, and sincerely wanting to chat with this person, whoever he, or she, may be.
    I did find such a person, on a more active forum, and he is a friendly guy.
  4. I <3 the 2.3 and have fun spending time and money on those swaps. Post pics and maybe someday we can run :)