My Latest Article In 5.0 Mustang Magazine

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  1. You guys make me wanna buy 160 injectors and disconnect the wastegate. I was only 46 hp away from 4 digits.

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  2. You crack me up Nick! Nice talking to you today. Can't wait to see your Fox's new look!
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  3. @Sharad, Who sells that push lock fitting you have going to the vacuum ports on the upper intake?
  4. Vibrant has a whole line of push type fittings for poly tubing
  5. #disappointedthatyourshirtisstillon
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  6. That came from ProCharger directly. I'm not sure where to buy them individually. I do know they're super easy to use!
  7. #wtf
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  8. If you saw him shirtless you would be saying the same thing. That is all.

    **Disclaimer** Sharad and I are good friends.
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  9. Sounds like you are reeeaalllllyy gooood "friends";):whine:
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  10. Bahahaha! Anyways, inside story to the time he took his shirt off at the track. Needless to say I could throw alot of inside jokes in here.
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  11. Just read the issue Sharad. Man that thing looks good!
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  12. It was HOT that day! The shirt HAD to come off! Besides... Tonya says I look like an underwear model. :D
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  13. Didn't know 7upstang's name was Tonya:rolleyes:
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  14. That helps.
  15. All of the Abs...sir.
    Oh if only you knew. You seem jealous man? Want me to PM a picture of Sharad in his new Procharger shirt?
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  16. Nah. I'm good. I would like a ride in that car though!! Sharad's ride is one of my all time favorites. I've read articles for a long time.
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  17. FWIW I think @Sharad would look better sporting a Vortech
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  18. :eek: Vortech shirt? Blasphemer!!! :D
  19. ^^Lmao!
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