My LED taillight panels... which version should I use??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Tried2Live, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. i was thinkin bout this thread yesterday while drivin on the highway. I saw a truck with the long oval turn signal light on the side of the trailer and it was a bunch of arrows that went in sequence and i thought that may be cool in the turn signal spot was like >>>>

    kinda like the 96+ when the bulbs all light from inside to outside in sequence
  2. those are nice. just wonder if they would fit inside the lenses.
  3. thats what im saying - i found (and posted last page) a place to get like DOT LED's that are used on commercial 18 wheelers i think that is the way to go. in thinking about it, i think you having the cobra tails, youd be able to do a real nice LED setup, with a light strip on top and then on bottom between that line running thru the tails and i think it would look real good!

    i posed this and a couple other links on the page before :nice: im sure it wouldnt be too hard :nice:
  4. Yeah that's where I got it from, I'm just saying these are the first things I've seen that look promising. I'm not too sure about the trailer ones. But best of luck to ya! :nice:
  5. Yeah, those panels look like a start. I almost want to buy one and just get a huge circuit board cut to fit the tail light and just adapt it to the wiring that is there so that the LED panel takes up the WHOLE tail light section. Do the same w/ the turn and reverse lights

  6. ya i bet it would be very simple to just rig in a few of them and then just use one of the bulb harness things and just plug in :nice:

    kinda pricey tho once you get a bunch of them....thats like probably 4 of those little squares in each light alone for braking
  7. True, the key is finding a way to buy individual leds cheap in bulk. you can buy blank circuit boards from radioshack for cheap that'd work great for mounting them, and cutting to size too. The hardpart then would be to keep your wiring method straight without getting confused.
  8. can you get blank boards?
  9. At radio shack :nice:
  10. I think I'm gonna get some blank boards this weekend if they have what I'm looking for (blank grid of holes) and if I can get it in the right size. Then it just comes down to wiring the circuit. Since LED's have a long lifespan, just covering the board w/ them and wriring in some resistors to regulate the power. I just don't know how to wire the brake circuit. Maybe I'll stick w/ the turn signal and reverse lights first and then work on the brakes.
  11. Wire the brakes into all of them, wire the parking lights into every other one. Diode isolate the circuits :nice:

    With that many led's you should be able to do a combination of series and paralell to get the resistance where you want it.
  12. There you go, someone else already came up with it and did it. But that's what I was talking about, individual leds and some radioshack circuit boards. :nice:
  13. i mean you can taylor the LED boards right? like get bigger sizes and such. its right there too how he wired it up and everything. It could be something that can be done.
  14. They come square, you can cut them up all you want.
  15. Well damn...that gives me the info I need. Time to go get some circuit boards. I wonder how bright an ENTIRE GRID of LED's will be for a turn signal....heheh

  16. well that is basically what the guy who started this thread had.....also had a bunch of different combos with the way they lit up

    keep us posted
  17. Yeah, but since I could never get the pics to work, this makes it easier