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  1. Hey guys, just thought I'd chime in with a little story myself. Got my '03 Pony Package, wish it woulda been a GT, but money and insurance, and all that tells my parents, we'll get him a 6. Car before it was a '91 Z28 Camaro, which happens to be slower anyways so :p. Well, I've had my car for about 3-4 months when school finally starts back up again, when I see this silver 2003 GT, and I know the guy, I've raced him in an old truck of his and wasted him every time, but now he's got a GT. Well, he comes up to me and says, WTF? why you got a 6? Well, you see, I don't have parents that will pay for a GT cause of all that stuff i talked about before. Well then he says, hell I paid for mine (he works at wal-mart). Then I just say, well, when you aren't living with your parents and not having to pay for anything, except your car, then talk crap on me. Then, oh, here is his favorite phrase, "**** the Pony-Package!". Well, i just kinda laugh at him and say, can put down a car thats slower than yours and think you're hot stuff right? We have been going back and forth with that for the past few weeks now. I'll show him when he's still workin at wal-mart and I have a nice engineering degree and blow his doors off with my TT setup. If it ever happens
  2. 2 stories...

    When my car was brand new and stock, I was playing tennis with a friend, he has an RXS-S. Well we go to our cars and we're looking at mine cause its new and all, then we get in our cars and he revs his engine, for the heck of it we're both parked, and I rev it back, and he goes "yeah thats not fair you have a 6 cylinder" lol

    Another one, I know have true duals, I parked at a light and a guy in an SUV revs his engine at me and screams, "whats that an Escort?" I rev it back and he just turned away LOL. It was great.
  3. :lol: :nice: I like that idea alot! I will admit that, despite the fact that the VAST majority are jerks, I have come to realize that there ARE a select few V8 guys who aren't jerks. But every cool V8 Stang owner I've met has owned the old Fox body style 5.0s, which for the record, I think rock and I want one. I'm assuming it's because of the fact that the guys cruising around in the new V8s had their $hit bought for them, it's their first car, and so naturally, it's the fastest thing on the road to them. Now I'm sure there are exceptions, I'm just saying what I THINK in my OPINION. I'm not sure who it was who posted about the guy with the crappy looking GT giving him trouble, but I have experienced that many times before too. Some guy will have a 2003 Cobra with a busted rear bumper, dented in quarter panel, and one fog light working and the guy will drive it like it's a Nascar. I'd much rather drive my V6 that's all the same color, has no dents, and just generally looks good. IMO, it's not all about speed.....presentation is also very important. Like alot of other people have said, I pay my own payments, I pay my own insurance, and I pay my own upkeep on my 6. I know it's not a speed demon, and I'm fine with that, I don't need to compensate for anything by having a super fast car that I spent way too much money on just so I can say, "Hey, look how much money I just wasted!" If I see a clean looking V8 Stang, I'll give'em a wave...well...I used to until I found that if you wave at them, then they automatically feel like their ego has been damaged and so they glare you down. What's up with that? :shrug: I think GREENBIOCH put it best...everywhere you go, there's gonna be immature jerks out there. You just have to learn to not pay them any mind. After all, the car is mine, I'm the one who drives it every day, and if I'm happy with it, then what does it matter what anyone else thinks right? :flag: You guys STILL rock. L8RZ. :cool:
  4. I can't believe you all think your gettin trashed on.

    I own a 74 mustang II, and no matter how many races or how many trophies I win, or how many V8s I whomp up on,. . . ."its still not a real Mustang"

    (let the flaming begin) :rolleyes:
    But your right, Camaro owners love every style of camaro, and are usually cool about whats not like theirs.
  5. Hey, JonDawg.
    Can I see pics of your car?

    The distance... classic driving song
  6. You cannot be talking about grown men here, you all must be high school kids cause I have never seen that behaviour. You give what you get or to each his own or live and let live or ones mans garbage is another mans treasure. Life is not about a V6 or V8 I never seen a guy in a V12 tailgate a 8cyl. Kids that act like that are idiots and mostly driving daddies car anyway or daddy bought it for them, they don't know about life and when they do they will change their moronic ways. I can see ball busting among friends or even talk among fellow gearheads about who is faster or what is better, but people who talk **** usually don't know ****. I would respect you just cause you drive a stang. I like V8's better but that don't mean 6's suck.....there are probably many 6cyls that will beat 8cyl. Like others said those people have personal issues who enjoy making others feel bad and of course even if you really do not care what others think once in a while something or someone causes it to bother you. But when it comes to cars who really cares......there are lots of exotic expensive better more quality built cars than a Mustang but the people driving those don't pick on any lesser car drivers or they are complete a$$_ole$ and I have never seen it.
    My lady did not want me to buy my car cause it was a project and looked rough basically and everyone said so much work, not worth it, just buy one certified. I hear that no more and it was the best thing I ever did for so many reasons its like a motivation in a way.....but to others it was an old Mustang that needed work. I hope I made some kind of point. a real Mustang V6's

    There are so many real issues in the world this is trivial.
  7. I didn't read any of the post except the first one, that was long enough, so my opinions are based soley on it. I apologize now for any hurt feelings i may cause. It is wrong, childish and stupid to classify people as a whole by the cars that they drive. Being an ass is not a requirement to buy a Mustang with a v8 engine. I have two friends who drive Mustangs with v8s they aren't dicks! There are just as many dicks that drive v6 mustangs or Camaros. I can't quite grasp the concept as to why you hate a certain car with a certain engine because some particular guy in that car pissed you off by making fun of you. It seems that your ego is as big if not bigger than his considering how offended you got. I know for a fact that my car wouldn't beat a cobra or most all v8's. So if i were in your position I would have started a conversation starting out by saying yeah i do have a v6, its not as nice as a cobra but i like it. I went to Nashville in April for the $0 Mustang Anv. and i had tons of v8's give me thumbs up on the road and come up to me at stores and tell me nice car knowing the whole time it was a v6 and if they didn't know i would tell them it was a v6 and they still said it was a nice stang so you whole philosophy on v8 owners being *******s is childish and the stupidist thing i have read all day. :notnice:
  8. mean03v6's flamage just made me notice something.
    how come the v8 stanger guys love to make fun of thew v6 ones
    is it some kind of maturity issue or something? just leave us alone ahah.

    i dont see much v8 fbody picking on their v6 crew. maybe its them that display more maturity dispite having a much larger engine?
  9. Dont let your experience with those few V8 guys shape your opinion about everyone who drives a V8. Some of those guys are immatrure kids. Remember this is the Mustang community and there are tons of cool guys and girls who are more knowledgeable than those few bad apples.

    In my experience, the guys who talk trash like that cant turn a wrench to save their life, they dont even change their own oil.

    My 93 coupe was a 4cyl when I got it and I had similar experiences, only it was with Mustangs, Fbodys and rice cars, I didnt hate their cars, just didnt like the individual drivers. Most of my friends had 5.0 in their fox's and they didnt rag on me for still having a 4cyl. Its what I could afford at the time, working 2 jobs and paying for college...

    You get a better appreciation for what you have because you worked for it. Its cool to me to see that there are people who care for their Mustangs regardless of the engine or package it came with .

    By the way, my coupe is a base model LX with no power windows or doors, its the lowest package you could get on the Fox but to me its better than a GT or Cobra because its mine, I paid for all of it, and do all the work on it.

  10. :shrug: ... :scratch: you're saying that, when he called my car a piece of $hit, I should have walked up to him and said, "Yes, you are so is...I love the Cobra..nice that new car smell air freshner I'm getting a whiff of?"[email protected] right. Man, you know you wouldn't have started a conversation with someone who was insulting both your car and you as a person. As far as my philosophy goes, since that's what you want to call it, I'm speaking off personal experience only and that's the way it is. Maybe you should have read my post better. This wasn't a one time experience as you make it out to be...this is truly a daily issue and it drives me nuts. Although not so much now b/c, after reading everyone else's stories and opinions, I'm just going to take their advice and not pay any mind to someone who wants to disrespect my Stang. Your half-informed opinion is the stupidest thing I'VE read all day. Have a good one. :nonono:
  11. same kind of thing goes on with the modular v8 against my old pushrod 5.0, there is a thread in the 5.0 forum that shows a-holes are everywhere and they drive nice cars and even though youre a mustang enthusiast like myself and like em all, there are others who IMO don't deserve a mustang. a mustang is a mustang all of them have that common heritage among them, and 20 yrs from now people will be buying v6 coupes in order to do some kind of swap because they like the bodystyle or it brings back memories. :flag:
  12. Dude, your car IS SLOW. Honestly, I don't know why you keep it. Why don't you let me take it off your hands, so you can get something really fast?
  13. Mean03V6 is just a whiney ****, period.

  14. dude, in a manual, you can't put it in reverse while driving forward....
  15. Hey, don't hate on me because I saw your Cobra on the side of the road and didn't stop to help. I figured your dad was smart enough to buy a road side assistance package for his car so I really didn't see the point in stopping. He must have been pretty pi$$ed that you screwed it up again though. Ah well, someday you'll learn to shift correctly....if you need practice there's an old 1982 4 cylinder Stang for sale up here close to my place of business. Want me to get the number for you? :D
  16. On a side note, I'd just like to point out that this is about the tenth direct personal attack that I have recieved from the same person. :scratch: ... :lock:
  17. i know :nonono: i need a V6 so i can join the ranks of the real mustang owners and experience true speed
  18. Stop the verbal attacks
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