mystery 302 block?? help

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  1. I'm trying to figure out which 302 block my 92 fox has and was wondering if you happen to know anyway of doing this with engine in car and without removing starter to see cast # ?? I remember a few years ago I went to AutoZone to purchase a starter and a 92 mustang starter was different from my core I took in.. If I remember correctly It actually ended up being a tbird starter I needed but not sure if this means its in fact a tbird motor or explorer or what knowing so many parts are interchangeable.

    any info appreciated thanks
  2. The starters all interchange physically, the biggest difference comes from wiring.
    The engine block is going to have nothing at all to do with the starter selection.
    Starter is determined by the transmission and if the starter solenoid is on the starter or in the engine bay.

    Your only real choice, if you want to know something about your block is to look at the numbers.
  3. ^^ Exactly!
  4. I can't answer your question, but wanted to tell you that's one sexy avatar!
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  5. Haha thanks husky ..and thanks for info ratio guess I'll just crawl under the car this weekend and take a look.