Na With 11r It Is - Need Help With Details

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  1. as you know by my posts ive been waffling between a strong NA and SC solution :bang:
    when i do the math strong NA with future SC seems most logical because gotta tear into the block anyway for rebuild.... ill give credit to @Grabbin' Asphalt with all his current build threads ;)

    I plan to pull the trigger first of the week - :cool: !!!

    so with a tw 11r 190 56 cc head,
    TF R intake or streetheat - ideas?
    Accufab 75 mm
    Comp Cams 276HR cam/35-312-8. It has 220 in. 224 ex. at .050, 114 LCA. Then .544 in and .560 ex. valve lift with 1.6 ratio
    bbk shorties - cause LT wont road clear well on my stance....

    what is my best MAF and injector option
    Im thinking Pro m 80 and 36 or 42 lb injectors?

    will i need a tune with the pro-m being "calibrated"

    ive read pro-m site and the very informative C&L MAF table/transfer table info

    fuel pump?

    ARP bolts all around ...
    felpro blue gaskets
    head gasket?
    and thinking that cobra intake will go to a new home... :shrug:
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  2. Looks like that could be a fun combo! IMO after all thats been done you will need go to a dyno and have it all dialed in. Besides, you're gonna want to know how much powa it makes.
    You will need an adjustable FPR for tuning.
    Go ahead and install the ProM 80, 42's and an Areomotive Stealth 340lph. That way you'll be ahead of the game when you install the supercharger;)
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  3. Put the money you are planning on spending on a MAF and buy a megasquirt plug and play ECU. $600 bucks for a full standalone and you do not have to be dependent on a dyno shop to tune the car every time you need to tweak something.
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  4. please educate me on the megasquirt ecu option do you then chunk your stock ecu or is it a custom add on chip
  5. Yo 11r 190 heads seem to be a great choice :nice: I'm also looking into getting these because of the valves, springs etc, they have the new TW design like stated on my thread. Pull that trigger and get them!!!
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  6. I picked up an 75mm Accufab off craigslist last night [email protected] my 65mm looks small beside this thing. I've always had a smaller TB than my
    We had mutal friends, snag it for $75, it's 6months old :eek:
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  7. ok now understand megasquirt... nice solution, from a basic level understanding and future changes are at my fingertips...

    has anyone used phil tobin's efi analytics software?
  8. Stock ecu in the trash. We're just finishing up a turbo 5.0 build on a PnP system and it's been pleasant to work with. The PnP systems make install a breeze. And there are plenty of base maps available that take out the guess work for a beginner.

    Confused why LTs won't clear though. My car is about as low as one should go up front and my 3.5" collectors clear by a good bit?
  9. it makes perfect sense since that ecu was at beginning of processor tech... where do you get your PnP megasquirt? im interested in phil tobin efi analytics software cause its driving distance...

    LT cause every dam shopping center etc has freaking speed bumps and i drag now... im just scared to tear them up had that happen to me once long ago and disconnected hot exhaust on a busy street is... well not good...
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  10. Is 56 cc kind of on the higher compression side for a SC option in the future?
  11. On the intake. I have a track heat and I'm thinking about swapping for a street burner.

    The track heat makes a ton of power in the top end. My car makes power all the way to the rev limiter, but it kind of makes it a dog down low.

    Edit: If I launch right off the line, I can still beat the majority on the street. I notice it more if I'm cruising and just need a quick burst of speed.
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  12. I understand your concern with speedbumps, maybe look into a set of accufab mid length headers.

    Tunerstudio is phil tobins software and it was a breeze to work with and you cant beat it for the price. I bought my megasquirt from diy but shorty after i bought that i found out about anther megasquirt based ecu that was called stinger i think. Might wanna look into both of those options and choose the one that fits your needs and budget best

    Here is the stinger one. More features than the DIY Box.
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  13. Accufab mid length, tell me more about this option :pop:
  14. Thanks that was my fear, no low end for DD, i think ill go with "street" then and see how it goes... im not a 1320 guy...
  15. if im guessing right my compression will be around 9.88 my deck is unknown at this point...

    bore 4
    stroke 3
    vol 56 cc
    piston 5 cc (stock forged)
    deck 0 (?)
    gasket .o41

    does this look right ?
  16. thanks was just on diyautotune site $800 for pnp google gave a bunch of hits on them ...

    go to stinger next

    great on tuner studio! i think ill give phil a call on monday too... my head says digital display in dash would be awesome! if i can figure how to fit a cheap tablet in...

    not familiar with accufab headers... more reading lol glad its a cool quiet saturday to hang on the porch...
  17. I edited my previous post with the link to the stinger stuff. Seems like thats a better value
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  18. It just depends on your goals. You're getting close to out of the realm of pump gas. If you s/c it, you might need race gas.

    I'm n/a daily, with about 9.5:1. I could maybe get away with 89, but I still use 91. Gets expensive, but I can still pull pump gas which is nice.
  19. 9.8? That's pump gas territory all day. Especially with an aluminum head. Hell I'm 11.6:1 and pump gas friendly. If I recall, even with iron heads you're good til like 10.5? Lot of variables there IMO
  20. I agree. Heads, cooling system, cam timing, and engine management that includes a knock sensor play a big part.