Need A Tuner

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by David Craft, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. I have just gotten my restomod rolling. I need to buy a tuner already programmed for the 1995 EFI in the car. I made numerous upgrades to the engine while rebuilding. Would like a tuner with those programmed in, before it goes to dyno.

    Suggestions very much appreciated! Thanks, David
  2. you should check out tweecer or recently reading on how to tune myself....the guys on here can give you a lot of help...
  3. You're not going to find a "tuner" for the '95 as you'll see for '96 and later (OBD-II) computers. The dyno tuner you use will likely want to install their own piggy-back chip -- whatever variety they prefer (usually SCT). If you're looking for the stock calibration / bin, they should be able to read that from your computer as the starting point. Otherwise you'll find a whole lot of stock ones here:

    As cam says if you want to DIY, Moates Quarterhorse or Tweecer are the most common options. However you'd want to double check with your dyno-tuner if they'll work with that hardware (some will only use their preferred brand).

    If they use SCT you could get a chip from American Muscle and have them write a tune to it, programmed with your mods as well. That would get you up & running to get to the dyno, heck it might even be all you need if your mods are fairly mild.