Need an opinion!

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  1. Okay.. I've removed my gas tank and I am wondering, if I should bring my gas tank to a garage to make inspect my fuel pump.. see if it still working, or remove my fuel pump from my tank and bring it to a garage, or... just buy a used fuel pump from a junkyard for 35$ and put it instead of my old one...

    what are u thinkin?
  2. I say you check on the price for a new fuel pump. No way would I go through all that hassle to install a used pump that may go out anytime.

    BTW: Call me crazy but my friend who had a 93 GT and now has a 92LX 5.0L has had a string of bad luck with fuel pumps. He and I are both going to do what Richard Holdner did. Cut a hole in the floor big enough that you can get the fuel pump out without having to drop the tank.
  3. :stupid: my 255lph was 100$ shipped to my door. droping the tank isnt that fun of a job, but why put a timebomb fuel pump when u can save yourself the trouble now! :D