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  1. I am looking at buying a '75 Granada and 4.6L with auto trans and need some help identifying which ECM is compatible with the engine. The guy is claiming it's out of a '95 Lincoln Town Car but does not have the ECM for it. I am wanting to use a Mustang ECM in hopes of getting better performance out of it. I can get engine and trans numbers if that would help.

    I want to drop in the 4.6L in place of the 250 I6 that the car currently has because I believe I will get better performance and gas mileage along with pass emissions easier.

    Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated.
  2. The PCM from a 95 Town Car and a 95 Mustang are not interchangeable with each other. The wiring harnesses are different. IE, the PCM needs to match the wiring it's connected to.

    If you think about it, any PCM that originally run a modular 4.6 should run the 4.6 from a 95 Town car. However you need to consider the entire package. For example, are you trying to keep the 95 coil pack ignition? Are you trying to keep the 95 fuel injection? Therefore some combinations will involve more work than others.

    Might make more sense to use a stand alone engine management system instead of trying to adapt a late model setup to work in a classic.
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  3. Ok. I have experience with older Hondas, like late '80s, early '90s, and I know you could switch ECMs fairly easily by adding or removing a couple wires to the harness whenever you swapped from one motor to another, but wasn't sure on Ford products because I haven't worked on them.

    I didn't even consider or think about a stand alone unit and actually think that will be my best bet since I am putting it into a classic. I do plan on keeping the '95 fuel injection and ignition system for now, but have plans to upgrade once I work out the kinks in the engine swap.

    Any good stand alone units that you could suggest? Any thing else I should consider or think about for the electronic control systems on the 4.6L?

    I am a mechanic, but this is a whole new ball game for me with doing this build. I know I'm gonna like the challenge though and hopefully the end results.