Need Help Finding Out Why Cd Player And Aux Is Not Working

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  1. Hey all... got back from Iraq a couple weeks ago and my wife bought me a 94 GT... i LOVE it but im having trouble with the stereo deck... its a Sony CDX GT500... from the research I have dont online, its told me to plug the wires (bought from best buy) into the BUS port on the back and that should work for an AUX jack... but it doesnt work, and ive also found out that the CD player doesnt work.. so basically the only thing that does work in it is the Raido... ive included a link to the diagram i used and also a couple of pictures..

    also whats confusing is the loose and unplugged composite wires that are just sitting behind the deck... any help would be greatly appreciated


    Edit: on another note... ive been looking more at the diagram and it seems i may need something that plugs into the BUS CONTROL IN on the lower right... what would I need and would that fix the issue?



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  2. I don't know that wiring at all, so I can't help you on that front. However, you can eliminate the factory stereo deck by buying an adapter harness: the Metra 70-5510. I've used it on the three Mustangs I've owned and it works perfectly. No need to splice in to the factory radio harness.
  3. Thankyou for responding Chythar

    im new at this so im not quite sure what the Metra 70-5510 would do... is this an addition to what i currently have installed or a replacement? how will it help me install the Aux jack?
  4. ok ive added boxes to help with the specific questions i had... The Red box on the left are for the BUS ports and everything ive read says that I should be able to plug an AUX jack directly into those and be good to go, but that doesnt work... the Yellow box on the right says theres supposed to be something plugged in there to allow the CD player to work... and of course there isnt anything like that to plug in... I really dont want to have to take the car to a shop to get this fixed as I know its a matter of finding the right wires and getting the right plugs.. I like to do all this myself (only way to learn right?)

    anyway.. if its going to be too much of a pain ive also been looking at a new deck to just replace the one thats currently installed.. One that has an AUX jack built in

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  5. The Metra harnesses let you completely replace the factory radio. They plug into the factory radio plugs; the other end is bare wires so you can splice in your aftermarket radio. Here's a photo of a project of mine, you can see the harness in the upper-left corner.


    Let's back up a bit here. From what you have written, I believe you are still using the Ford OEM radio and you're trying to add in a CD player. I'm saying you can remove the factory radio and just use the Sony directly, by using the Metra harness as an adapter. If I've got your situation wrong, let me know.
  6. no... the sony cdx gt500 is what was installed in the car when my wife bought it for me... but the only thing that works on it is the tunner... when i follow the directions to plug two composite (red and white) cords into the BUS ports to add an aux jack (that doesnt come pre-installed) nothing happens.. when i tried to test the actual CD player of the same sony cdx gt500 still no sound came out....

    so i guess I should be asking if the Sony was/is installed correctly and if there's a possibility that it may be broke which is why only the tuner works

    sorry for confusion i just dont know how to describe the situation because ive never done this before...
  7. Sounds like your deck either isn't hooked up right, or is messed up. To me, if it looks hooked up right, it sounds like the deck might be damaged. But that's a guess. there's no specfic wire in the back on the radio that is for the Cd player or for the aux port on the stereo I believe. All there really is is wires for each speaker and a few other minor things.
    If you really can't make heads or tails of it, I would call and ask if bestbuy could help, their rate for install is like 60, so i'm sure they could diagnose it.
  8. ok just an update incase anyone was following... I went threw the entire wire diagram for the deck and found two wires switched.. it wasnt a big enough issue to notice unless you tried to hook up an AUX jack like I did... after putting wires into their correct positions everything works great.... Thankyou all for help and comments, Im sure ill have more as I continue to customize my new ride :)