need help with setting a base tune

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  1. I should have given more details about the 4 spark tables :(
    between being busy :crazy:
    all my notes on a different pc I don't have access to now :bang:

    I won't go into specifics as I have kinda forgot some of that stuff :(
    I won't take a chance of giving misleading info :nono:
    I can't be sure of my facts :scratch:

    The jest of it is :)

    I only use one of the four spark tables to tune with which is the base table

    Altitude, Borderline, and MBT Tables I took out of the picture

    I killed the three tables by using the value of 55 in all cells

    Tip: before trying such a radical change save your file to a different name
    You can easily go back if you wannna :D

    Also ... go easy on the fuel adjustments if you don't have a wb :Word:

    You have no way to know where you are now and after changes ;)

  2. Thanks for the tips Grady. I have set up several different tunes of modded spark tables. I took the fuel table that was posted and cut the value differences posted in half so it wouldnt be too much at once. Which wideband setup do you guys recommend?
  3. I like the AEM ones myself