NEED INFO on loudest exhaust setup!!!????? PLEASE HELP

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  1. I recently added flowmaster super 40's o/o 2.25" and I know it will take a little time to get louder but, I keep seeing setups with pro-chambers and SLP loudmouths? What are these items? What do they do? What else can I do to get my mustang gt louder? Should i take the catalytic converters off? should I put on X pipe? I really need help!!!!! PLEASE SOME ONE!!!!!!! I am upset that I didn't get the sound I want!!
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  2. If loud is what you want, you'll want an off-road H pipe to go with those. It replaces your factory mid-pipe (between the exhaust manifolds and over-axle pipes) and does not have any cats.

    The prochamber is a o/r mid pipe that's in between a mix of an x and h pipe. It produces more of a muscle car sound. SLP LM's are just a type of cat-back, one of the loudest on the market.
  4. If you want as loud as possible, eliminate the cats and get the Loudmouths. You'll have nothing muffling the sound. Headers change the sound as well, but I don't know about sound volume - I assume long tubes make it louder?
  5. +1!

    Here is my Flows & Pypes O/R H setup. Pretty loud IMO and I love it, but not as loud as it could be.
  6. Get the offroad H-pipe first and see how you like it before you bother blowing money on Loudmouths or anything else. This is not to say that you wouldn't like the Loudmouths or another cat-back better, but the H-pipe is going to make a huge difference. Once you have the H you might be content with the Flowmasters. This is the setup I have and since my insurance is on hold for the winter I have only been to the end of my driveway and back :rolleyes:. My impression so far is that it is stupid loud at startup but quiets right down after a few seconds. With the top down I think it will be plenty loud but not so sure if I had a coupe. Then again I might be getting to the point here that the law may start paying a little more attention to me and Loudmouths I'm sure would only make that worse I guess.
  7. Look in the main sticky thread under tech ..for the exhaust combo.. there are about 200 differnt setups me once you hear some of them you may change your mind ! But if you want Loud.. SLP loudmouth and an offRoad H or X (h is deeper X is more Nascar/ exotic or even a prochamber)

    Not my car but this is what mine sounds like

    The only down fall with the Muffler delete style is you loose some low end .. and YES you can notice it !

  9. How about just straight mufflers.
  10. You can buy my Pypes Violators. I am ordering some Bassani Race Axle backs tomorrow and have no use for the Pypes. They retail for around $200 and I'll sell them for $100. They are basically the same as the SLP except that they have a muffler casing around the pipe (straight thru design, not chambered at all and VERY loud).
  11. yeah i put on an off-road hpipe this weekend to pair up w/ my flows and jesus its loud as hell. it sounds really insane. anything louder than this and id have to be insane , esp for street daily driving.

    I already get enough pissed off looks from the Palm Beach folks.
  12. SLP LoudMouths are basically straight pipes with tips (muffler delete) while the Pypes Violators have louvered perforations in a tube that is encased in a muffler shell.

    I've heard comparisons saying the Violators are one of the loudest mufflers available. I can't attest to this because I still have the stock cats, stock H-pipe, etc... but the Violators sound AWESOME. There is some drone at the 1500-1800 RPM range and if you let off the throttle on the highway to decelerate into this RPM range, you will hear the sweetest exhaust gurgle...

    I'm satisfied with my Violators except for the way they engineered the hangers and the way they cut the slots in the connectors. I had to bend the hangers (using a MAP torch to heat them up and then bend them) and re-cut the slots so the muffler would "grip" the mid-pipes better. Otherwise they tend to get loose.

    T-304 SS is more attractive than T-409 SS due to better surface corrosion resistance. However, T-304 SS is very soft steel... a die grinder on a low setting will cut through T-304 like a hot knife through butter. T-409 SS can be a b*tch and a half to work with, especially with the high grade T-409 with titanium in the alloy content. T-409 is chosen by almost all OEMs for its durability. It does develop surface corrosion but it won't rust through for decades.

    If I had to do it again, I'd go with the less expensive T-409 Pypes Violators.
  13. HELL YEAH!!!!! Add some 4.10s(or4.30s)to the equation and it increases a bit more:rock::rock::rock::rock:
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  15. Are you using a flowmaster or something else