Need some purchasing advice... AOD and EFI stuff

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  1. Hey everyone, I was browsing the local mustang forum and found a couple interesting buys.
    One is offering all of the EFI stuff off of his 90 GT, intakes, comp and harness, sensors, distributer, rails, etc... asking $200 for it.

    Another is offering an AOD, rebuilt 50,000m ago with a B&M kit. OD seems to be slipping a little, and it needs to be really warm to want to shift right outta 1st. He said he'd give it to me for $75.

    What do y'all think, should I jump on these or what?

    The Swede
  2. harness price sounds good....

    as for the AOD- look at GER they have fully blueprinted AOD's for 899.00-1099.00 ready to go with a warrenty. good luck
  3. Well, I went ahead today and bought the parts. Let me know how you think I did.
    For $75 I got:
    89 Mustang 5.0 AOD (with B&M shift kit, rebuild not a bad idea and is planned)
    TV cable
    Shifter w/cable
    block plate
    shifter bezel and handle

    For $200 I got:
    'untouched' (as far as I can tell) '90 GT wiring harness
    upper/lower EFI manifolds
    fuel rails
    distributer w/module
    02 harness
    throttle body
    mass air sensor with inlet hose

    What do you think, did I do alright?
    The Swede
  4. Nah man you got ripped off. LOL

    Sounds good. A rebuild for that tranny should cost about $400 bucks.

    Don't forget to make sure the flywheels matches your motor and the distriburator gear matches your cam.

    Should be nice once your done with everything.