Fuel Need Some Quick Help With A Fuel Pump

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by creektrack, May 20, 2014.

  1. This is a 96 gt with a manual tranny...so, I went to the store and came home with zero issues, not even a sign of anything wrong...when I went to leave, my fuel pump was no longer turning on...

    When I turn on the key, I can hear what sounds like a click maybe coming from the corn, but I for sure do not hear the buzzing of the pump...so my question is, what do you think my be wrong, and what's an easy way to determine if its the ccrm or the pump?

    Btw, there is not a CEL on...
  2. Did you check the fuel cutoff reset button in the trunk by the drivers tail light? Probably not the issue, but couldn't hurt to check. (Its underneath the trunk liner by the tail light)
  3. Yes, it is pressed in
  4. Anyone else with any ideas? Is the small click im hearing the relay actually working? Which would mean the pump is trashed? Imma order a pump friday and hope that's the issue
  5. Morning bump for the guys just waking up...
  6. Well I can usually hear my pump running, its got a fairly loud hum to it, not sure if the hum is from it being healthy or going out...but now the pump doesn't turn on at all....the only thing I can hear is what sounds like a click coming from the ccrm....
  7. When you hear the ccrm click does it just click once ? Is the theft light flashing ?
  8. Yes, only once with each turn of the key
  9. Did you take @three50wons advice to check for fuel pressure at the rails?
  10. I did not due to the fact that the pump isn't even turning on
  11. I honestly think either the ccrm went bad or the fuel pump went bad....but both are fairly expensive so I'd hate to replace the wrong one...but I think I'm just gonna order a new pump, good excuse to upgrade it anyway...and hope that was the issue. ..all fuses are good
  12. The gold standard test is the measure the key on voltage at the trunk mounted IFS switch.

    If there is voltage the problem is downstream (FPDM, fuel pump, ground).

    If there is NO voltage, the problem is upstream (CCRM, fuse, ignition switch, ground, wiring).

    Which is your case?
  13. Your first few posts led me to believe that you were not sure if the fuel pump were bad or not. I mentioned the method for checking because that way you'll know for sure. Sometimes, when you're diagnosing a problem, you have to start at the very beginning and rule the obvious out. And I was trying to save you the trouble of buying parts and just hoping that will fix it. But if you're absolutely sure that its either the fuel pump or the CCRM then your best bet is to take wmburns advice. I've never had a CCRM issue so I can't give you advice on that. In any case, good luck.
  14. I will check this as soon as I can and report back....thanks

    Its my fault, I was saying that the fuel pump wasn't turning on so I wasn't sure where the issue is...I do appreciate any and all help or advice
  15. No problem at all. I'll keep trying to think of things that may help you. Keep us updated.
  16. I will....Im away from the house 14 hours a day so its hard for me to do anything at home....definitely gonna check voltage at the pump in the morning though, as I work night shift
  17. I unplugged the harness that goes to the fuel pump and the float....the black/red stripe wire changed volts, I assume that was for the float which would also explain why afterwards it showed a full tank....the white wire read 12 volts....so the pump is getting power, is it safe to assume the pump is bad? If so I need to order one asap, so which lph or brand do you suggest?
  18. Can anybody tell me if my assumption is correct, that way I can order the pump tonight
  19. Whats uour mods?