Need valve covers that cleak Twisted Wedge heads

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 1105, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. Like the title says, I need some valve covers that will clear my TFS Twisted Wedge Heads. I have the fox VC on right now and the rockers are just varely hitting the inside. Do I need to get some high-rise valve covers? and if I do, I'll also need an intake spacer to go along with that as well right?
  2. If you have a paw book you can do what i did and get some 5/16 valve cover gaskets. With those and a small amount of grinding on a few spots i had plenty of clearance...

    Otherwise you can get them out of summit but there more expencive. You would have to call probably because im not finding them right off hand.

    I have tfs heads with svo rockers and i clear everything with stock Fox aluminum valve covers
  3. i have the trickflow short covers. they clear my scorpion 1.6's perfectly and look just as good as they perform. the downside is that they arent cheap.

  4. I was thinking about the black Trick Flow valve covers but like you said, they arent cheap :bang: I might just find a way, maybe a thicker gasket, and keep my fox VC's
  5. i just had this problem the stander tfs valve covers will clear 1.6 arms. if you get the tall ones's you've got grind the iiac and the tps i tried it, it was a pain but i went to the stander height with a 3/8 spacer and everthing fits perfect and their is still a little valve cover clearence :nice:
  6. Valve covers

    I have the Black ones lke Green 94 and they clear my Crane 1.6s.
  7. OK, so I'm going to ask the idiot question here. Where are is the filler neck on the Trick Flow VC's?
  8. you have to pull a cover each time you want to add oil.

    j/k. you have to put a hole for a breather/cap
  9. Thats what I figured. Is this the right part # on Summit for the breather/cap?

    Also, one more quick question about the TF VC's. Will I need to run an intake spacer? I think I remember hearing something about a 3/8" one? That would allow my hood to still clear so that would be OK.

    OK, so two questions. They will clear Comp Pro Magnum 1.6's won't they? I don't see a problem since they seem to clear everything else. Thanks.
  10. i have the same scor[pion rockers and twisted wedge heads my stock cobra valve covers clear just fine and i can add oil if needed haha
  11. that would be the right one. as for the spacer, i had to use a 1/2" spacer to clear my gt40.