Neutral Safety Switch - Photos?

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  1. Ok I am going to try thoughs wires and see if it wont fix any problems, I plan to go to the dyno when I come up with some cash, but I dont think they are to cheap and see if they can't turn all that stuff off when I get there. I will keep you posted later tonight.:nice:
  2. You can have a chip turn off the AODE functions (like that crap where it pulls timing at the shift points). The chip will not fix your wiring to get the car to start.
  3. Ok I spliced thoughs two wires together you said and it started right up. I also took out the "jumper" that was up under the dash so you have to press the clutch to make it start. I also think I found my charging issue, There is a connector that comes off the alternator harness that I can't seem to find a home for So I thought maybe someone could help. The wire colors are black/ yellowish green and its right next to the fuse box next to the battery. I have a picture but I cant figure out how to get it onto this page, I can post one if someone can tell me how. thanks!
  4. You can get an account at for hosting images. Probably would be a good idea for any future images you need. Alternately, you can e-mail me the image at matthew AT chythar DOT net and I'll post it for you.
  5. Ok I figured out the image thing, I also posted it on another thread you can see the connector im talking about on top of the fuse box and the wires connect to the more round one towards the bottom of the fuse box.